Floyd Mayweather To Make $100,000 Charitable Donation…WOODS


MayweatherOrtizFinalPC Blevins2Yes Virginia, charitable deeds sometimes come about as a byproduct of misdeeds.

Now, it is entirely possible that Floyd Mayweather was going to make a $100,000 donation to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Southern Nevada Affiliate on Wednesday at the Mayweather Boxing Gym in Las Vegas even if he had not been found guilty of assault against his ex girlfriend, and was not headed to a jail stint on June 1 of no more than three months.

Cynics will say that this most publicized good deed is obviously an attempt to curry some goodwill, to cast Mayweather in a positive light in the wake of his yearlong tussle with law enforcement and appearances on TMZ.

I say: maybe so. Maybe the donation is nothing but a PR gesture. But the money will darn sure do some good. So even if we aren't sure of the motivation behind the donation, we can be sure of that, and that the money will help the Komen people fight breast cancer.

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-mortcola :

Big gestures are common in narcissists. Guy shows no compassion, but he loves looking good. And, yes, the money will help. I wouldn't begrudge it.