Current Numbers on Klitschko – Chisora  :  Even Odds, Odd Evens

NO CHICKEN OPPONENT HERE – Vitali Klitschko held an open workout this week in Kiev, Ukraine, one of Klitschko’s adopted homelands. As usual, he looked to be in tremendous shape as he entered final preparations for what will probably be one of his final contests. At 40, Klitschko says he is focusing more and more on the political rather than leather-bound landscape. Win or lose, there are likely less than half a handful of fights remaining on his schedule before retirement.

The size of the average beer mug around Munich, BIG, is appropriate for the magnitude of Klitschko’s February 18th encounter with brash basher Dereck Chisora, already a virtual sellout with only around 500 seats left between the first and third elevated levels of the Olympiahalle. Tickets ranging from around forty to nine hundred US dollars are long gone. The venue will hold approximately 15,050 fans.

For many, it will be impossible to forget the ’72 Olympic terrorist horrors, which for countless Americans were an introduction to the awful new battleground. Hopefully, the fighters will bring positive vibes to help get beyond the inerasable tragedy. The prayer for peace outside the ring continues.

We’ve said by the law of probability that somebody will give one of Ma Klitschko’s finest a spanking sooner or later but Bros K have been defying such logic of eventuality for so long now it might be more appropriate to say sooner or later somebody will fight a good round, maybe even win it, against a Klitschko.

Interest in the home territories of each contestant is strong and the bout is considered an obvious major sporting attraction, around the level of a divisional championship football/soccer match.
My extremely limited observations of European wagering (“casinos”, many similar to the slots at the back of a Nevada truck stop, are in every country I’ve seen) indicates that the usual house advantage may be higher against the customer than in Vegas. Here are TSS’s odds with around a month before the bell.
Klitschko to win: 4 -1
Klitschko to surpass George Foreman’s record (46) as oldest major heavyweight title holder : 100 – 1
Klitschko to fight 3 more times (after Chisora) before retirement : 10 – 1
Klitschko to fight 2 more times (after Chisora) before retirement :   2 – 1
Klitschko to fight 1 more time (after Chisora) before retirement : almost guaranteed, 1 – 50
Klitschko’s last fight : 75 – 1
Klitschko to stay retired after announcement : almost guaranteed, 1 -33
Chisora’s last fight : 1000 – 1
Chisora to fight 3 more times in 2012 : almost guaranteed 1- 33
Chisora to stay retired after announcement : highly unlikely, 50 – 1
Vitali by boring, one sided decision: Even
Vitali by exciting, one sided decision: Even
Klitschko by KO : 4 – 1
Chisora by any sort of decision : 20 – 1
Chisora by KO : 10 – 1Better than Klitschko – Tomasz Adamek : Probable, even
Very good fight : Possible, 3 – 1
Fight of the Year : 100 -1

Klitschko to score knockdown : 10 – 1
Chisora to score knockdown : 10 – 1
Multiple knockdowns : 20 – 1

Each Man Down : 50 – 1

Klitschko to pull out with verified injury : 20 – 1
Klitschko to pull out with questionable injury : 1000 – 1

Chisora to pull out with verified injury short of arm or leg falling off : 50 – 1
Chisora to pull out with questionable injury : Impossible, after how long he’s waited through a pair of cancellations by Wlad, Chisora looks like he wants it bad enough to crawl into the ring if necessary. He deserves this opportunity. As a solid citizen, there have been reported faults and misdeeds that will not be speculated upon. As a fighter, I like his grit. While parts of his prefight antics are low class, at least he tries to back up his boasts and on occasion it looks like he’s a better sport than he acts.
Anyone who’s been to Munich can testify it’s one of the great beer drinking capitals of the world. If the big boys throw a fraction of as many punches as the big mugs are downed in historic breweries that night, the long elusive, action-filled Klitschko fight could erupt at last. A toast to punching prost.
Will “Dr. Ironfist” inject another methodical beat down until Chisora breaks down or folds one way or another as recent foes have, or can “Del Boy” get inside on the much larger Klitschko the way Chisora did against Helenius, listed at only a half inch shorter than Klitschko in both height and reach?
The answer to what kind of chance Chisora really might depend on the answer to who has fought the most fortifying fights lately. It’s pretty close trying to evaluate the trifectas of Shannon Briggs, Odlanier Solis and Adamek compared to Tyson Fury, Remigiijus Ziausys (a toss at 19-43 but at least the fight occurred on fateful 11-11-11), and Robert Helenius.
It should be worth watching, and as usual here it’s on free tv. Critics can insert their own punch line.

Estimated audience in UK – millions
Estimated audience in Germany – many more million
Estimated audience in USA – many fingers, some toeholds

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