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FNFTeddy Atlas spoke during tonight's “Friday Night Fights” about the sad saga of flirtation, the Mayweather-Pacquiao tease-a-thon. So, does Atlas think the Tease Twins, I mean, Manny and Floyd, are going to get it on, in May, June, November, or Neveruary?

In Las Vegas, Atlas said that he thinks Mayweather would win the fight, maybe easily. “He's better technically,” Atlas said, citing Manny's reckless aggression. Atlas said he agrees with Stephen A. Smith, who debated fellow pundit Skip Bayless today on ESPN on subject of Mayweathr-Pacquiao, that Bob Arum is the gum in the machinery of this one. He reiterated what he said last week, that Arum would prefer that Pacquiao fight guys who command less dough than Mayweather would, because then the promoter takes in more revenue. “Unless both fighters come way down in their demands, I don't think that fight happens,” Atlas said. The trainer-analyst said the window to the bout is closing, because with Manny's full plate, he could lose interest in boxing.

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