Atlas Thinks Mayweather Beats Manny, Maybe Easily…WOODS


FNFTeddy Atlas spoke during tonight's “Friday Night Fights” about the sad saga of flirtation, the Mayweather-Pacquiao tease-a-thon. So, does Atlas think the Tease Twins, I mean, Manny and Floyd, are going to get it on, in May, June, November, or Neveruary?

In Las Vegas, Atlas said that he thinks Mayweather would win the fight, maybe easily. “He's better technically,” Atlas said, citing Manny's reckless aggression. Atlas said he agrees with Stephen A. Smith, who debated fellow pundit Skip Bayless today on ESPN on subject of Mayweathr-Pacquiao, that Bob Arum is the gum in the machinery of this one. He reiterated what he said last week, that Arum would prefer that Pacquiao fight guys who command less dough than Mayweather would, because then the promoter takes in more revenue. “Unless both fighters come way down in their demands, I don't think that fight happens,” Atlas said. The trainer-analyst said the window to the bout is closing, because with Manny's full plate, he could lose interest in boxing.

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-the Roast :

For once I agree with Atlas.

-reyocs :

We all knew that teddy atlas is anti..pacman..bcoz he loves his favorate food in america...chiken floyd w/hot chilli sauce

-reyocs :

Some americans protecting the national food of america chiken floyd w/hot chilli sauce...

-reyocs :

Floyd is starting to quack..quack..quack...he challenge the pacman in the twitter what a coward excuses just fight the pacman......many alibi...his may 5 date to fight agains robert 'the ghost'guerrero....

-bizcobai :

i hope mr atlas could finally hit the bull's eye because he always prophesying about pacman's fight and those prophesies even one dint hit. hope this time he will luckily

-ali :

[QUOTE=reyocs;12597]Floyd is starting to quack..quack..quack...he challenge the pacman in the twitter what a coward excuses just fight the pacman......many alibi...his may 5 date to fight agains robert 'the ghost'guerrero....[/QUO Knock it off reyocs come up with something better then the quack quack jokes...Mayweather wants Pac and im pretty sure manny wants it but Arum is the one acting like a straight bitch.

-Radam G :

Teddy has lost his boxing-commonsense edge. He has a deep hatred of Da Manny because of what happened with ex-heavyweight boxing-king Michael Moorer saying that Teddy was lying about getting information from him that Da Manny was on PEDs. The game of boksing rolls and rattles like a million snakes hiding in their pit and is full of venomous sh*t. Once a commentator gets burns and put out the wrong information about you, he will turn ballistic, bias and blind as a wacky bat. The truth is, is that Money May looked like syet against Vicious Victor Ortiz and was punching missing and huffing and buffing like a pregnant cow lost on the Texas range. Money May has gone downward. His fanboys, Mayphiles and Pacphobes are suffering from serious inattention blindness. Nostalgia of the Money May of six or seven years ago is stuck in their minds. They can see no flaws in Money May, straight similar to the media distortiion of Sugar Ray Robinson's "flawless greatness." Houdini May -- I mean Money May -- has done his last magical trick and will drown in that squared jungle sooner before later. Fanboys, groupies, nuthuggers and flunkies are never near to reality and actuality. After Money May is beat by maybe his next opponent or by Da Manny, the Mayphiles will cry that it wouldn't have happened six or seven years ago. YUP! Six or seven years ago, Money May kayoed 70 percent of his opposition. As a welterweight, he has ducked 50 percent of the top guns and only kayoed 17 percent of the cherry-picked used-up ones and fighting-welterweight-for-the-first-or-second-second-time ones. At light middleweight, he sneaked passed Big Money Oscar with a close split decision. Against Marquez, he came in BIG and couldn't keep the canvas kisser stuck to the canvas, as he said that he would do. Money May has captured the U.S. media manipulation for himself like GOAT Ali did back in the day. The GOAT looked like syet against about four fighters in a roll and twice against young Leon "Neon" Spinks. Nonetheless, 95 percent of the game's talking heads and scribes were suffering from inattention blindness and GOAT Ali's prejudices and kept saying that the GOAT look good against LNS in bout II. WHAT A FUDGING DOUBLE SHAME! My then LITTLE CHILD arse knew that they were full of it. Larry Holmes almost KILLED my idol, icon and godfather Muhammad "SUPER GOAT" Ali. History always REPEATS! Floyd "Money May" Mayweather has looked like syet, for the Money May of seven years ago, in his last two fights and four out of the last five. If it ever happens, Da Manny is going to whup Money May's arse in the fashion that Larry, so contrary, did GOAT Ali. And then all the Pacphobes are going to say that Money May had a bad night, or got old over night, or some dumb bulljive like that. WAKE UP! And smell the COFFEE! Biting off the late, great Howard Cosell: "Money May is not the fighter he use to be." And you suckas' perjudice eyesight cannot see ____! Holla!

-blue4cor :

With who Floyd scheduled his planned May 5 fight. Pacquiao camp wasn't informed about this at all. Therefore his May 5 date is clearly not with Pacquiao. How plain and simple is this for all the boxing fans and to understand.

-estong bicol :

In all Pacquiao fights teddy atlas has consistently said that Pacquiao would lose and consistent he was wrongly. When a writer or critic is driven by jealousy or hatred he cannot write an objective article. Poor Atlas has to get rid of his hatred and jealousy.

-Radam G :

That will continue, sa akin kabayan. Teddy is an angry man toward Da Manny. Just forgive him. Anger can make a man quite blind, full of double standards and a bit delusional. Holla!

-erniepep :

How many times did Atlas predict that Manny would lose against top guns from featherweight to light middleweight? A dozen times? Just because Pacman won a close decision against JMM, a lot of writers consider Mayweather as their P4P Numero Uno? People especially writers have short memory on Mayweather boxing abilities. When he was younger, he was owned by Castillo, rocked by Corley, and even rocked and knocked down by Judah (Only the Referee has astigmatism). The problem with these leftists is they don't have enough oxygen tank and don't have powerful combinations to sustain the whole 12 rounds unlike Pacman. Once hit by Pacman he will be knocked out or use his bicycle for 12 rounds just to evade Pacman, that's why Mayweather is really scared to fight southpaws especially Pacman who has power and good combinations. Watch Mayweather when he is cornered, he simply is frozen! JMM is different animal who can take powerful punches and always comeback for more.