No Go for the Ghost

TSS LOGO!The Ghost team thought it was close to being sewn up as of a couple days ago.  But Richard Schaefer told ESPN's Dan Rafael on Wednesday night that Robert Guerrero will not be Floyd Mayweather's opponent on May 5. Is it because the fan and pundit reaction to the proposed matchup wasn't good at all? The public didn't seem to warm to the idea of Mayweather taking on a boxer who hadn't campaigned above the lightweight class and is coming off a severe injury to his power shoulder.That could have caused Team Mayweather to change plans at the 11th hour..

We asked Team Guerrero for comment.

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-ali :

Thank God!!! Im hoping Bob Arum will stop all the bullshit and sit down with Mayweather ppl and make the fight happen...if not Cotto or Alvarez will make him the most money but Martinez will give him the tougher fight in my eyes...Now if the ghost wants a fight with the stop dog maybe he should fight Bradley, Peterson or the winner of the Berto vs Ortiz fight or **** even the loser if he's able to beat one of them guys then maybe he can land a big fight.