Pier-Olivier Cote Off ShoBox Card

ShoBoxWe hear he has mono.

Montreal, Thursday, January 12th 2012- It is with regret that InterBox announces that its February 3rd 2012 boxing event scheduled to take place in Quebec City must be postponed. Undefeated IBF 140 pound Intercontinental champion Pier-Olivier Cote has been informed by his doctor that he must immediately cease training for an undetermined period of time while doctors perform a battery of tests. Cote was preparing to fight IBF World #6 rated 140 lbs boxer Mauricio Herrera in the Main Event that was due to be broadcast live on the popular SHOWTIME series ShoBox: The New Generation. “We are less than a month out of the most important fight in Pier-Olivier’s career and he could not train adequately in the gym. He wasn’t feeling well. I really do not want to speculate what could be wrong with him until he undergoes the necessary medical tests. The first doctor he saw told him he has to stop training and rest. Until we know more we are following his recommendations” states Cote’s trainer Mr. Francois Duguay. InterBox President Jean Bedard is disappointed for boxing fans across the world. This is the first time InterBox has to postpone an important fight, but the health and security of all InterBox athletes is of the utmost importance to him. “My primary responsibility is to protect our athletes. We had a very bad experience in the past with health issues related to Lucian Bute and we certainly do not want to repeat this same error. We await the results of Cote’s medical exams before reevaluating the situation. Hopefully it is minor and we can sit with Thompson Boxing Promotions and SHOWTIME to discuss another date” states Jean Bedard. Pier-Olivier Cote is equally disappointed with this sudden turn of events. “I was really looking forward to fighting Herrera on February 3rd. This is the first time in my 18 fights that such a situation arises. I will follow the recommendations of the doctor and undergo every test that I have to. My goal right now is to get better and return stronger than ever. I would like to thank my promoter for supporting me during this difficult time”.