WBC Says Chavez Should Fight Sergio If Both Win Upcoming Bouts




January 5, 2012 – Mexico City.

From the office of WBC President Dr. José Sulaimán:

The WBC approved the Chavez-Martinez bout if both fighters win their respective bouts.

The World Boxing Council unanimously approved that the WBC middleweight champion of the world, Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr., should defend mandatorily against Sergio Martinez, but leaving open an opportunity for both parties to agree as both had TV dates already reserved, Chavez on February 4th and Martinez on March 15th.

As no news of any agreement was received at the WBC offices, and per virtue of February 4th being a month away and March 15th about two months away, the Board of Governors of the WBC has ruled to accept both engagements according to the rules, but with the indication that the winner and WBC champion after the 4th of February must defend mandatorily against Martinez, if he wins over Mathew Macklin, classified in the past convention by request of Mr. Lou DiBella.

The WBC offices will be waiting the requests in writing to approve the bouts.

The rule 2.1 says:

2.1 WBC Approval of WBC Championship and Elimination Bouts. All promoters must request in writing the approval by the WBC of any WBC-sanctioned championship, elimination, or qualifying bouts. No bout shall be considered as officially sanctioned by the WBC unless the promoter has received the written approval of the WBC Presidency, and complies fully with all terms and conditions of the sanction, including payment of all required fees, and compliance with these Rules and Regulations.

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-ali :

Even if they both win there next fight ain't no way in hell Chavez jr ppl is going to let him get in the ring with Martinez.

-miguel1 :

This is beyond pathetic. Martinez has been a mandatory challenger for at least one bout for Jr. He keeps getting a bye. I just read somewhere (I think it was the BBC website) that the 'Bayonne Bleeder' Chuck Wepner fought a bear named Victor twice, in his storied boxing career. It has been a while but maybe the powers that be behind Jr can dig up Victor for a bout or two. Wepner swears the bear remembered him from the first bout, maybe he will go 1-1 with Jr and we get a rubber match.

-fightscorecollector :

IF the fight ever happens will Martinez pay the sanctioning fees after his comments about the WBC ?