Sergio Martinez Blasts WBC, Dumps HBO

Sergio Martinez has said enough is enough. I said last week that a new, saltier Martinez has emerged, and little did I know, we had only seen a semi-salty side of him. Last week, he busted on Top Rank and Freddie Roach for building up the Manny Pacquiao myth, and today announced at a press conference that he will not wear the WBC diamond middleweight belt for his March 17 bout against Matthew Macklin in NYC.

He said that he should be the WBC champion, and that Julio Cesar Chavez, who has held that belt since Martinez gave it up when he refused to fight the WBC mandatory Sebastian Zbik in May, should fight him to see who deserves the title.

The WBC announced at their convention two weeks ago that Martinez and Chavez should face off, but haven’t put their foot down on the matter. They are still up in the air, it seems, as to whether Chavez will be fighting for “his” WBC belt when he takes on Marco Antonio Rubio in Texas on Feb. 4.

Martinez dropped another shoe at the presser. He said he is tired of being treated poorly by HBO, and is leaving the network. HBO was supposed to be showing the March 17 Martinez bout. I emailed an HBO rep and asked for their response and will pass that on to readers when I receive a response.

The Argentina-born 36 year-old also took a shot at WBC president Jose Sulaiman for condoning men beating up women.


-dino da vinci :

Finally, a REAL CHAMPION with MOXIE. Good for you Sergio, the true, reigning lineal champion. Because you'd have to figure that at some point, make believe time has to end.

-ali :

I feel Sergio he wants to be involved in nothing but big fights...Chavez jr people ain't crazy they know Martinez would scrape dude with ease.

-the Roast :

Sergio is making alot of noise to get noticed. At his age he needs a big fight soon. If Chavez Jr wont bite Sergio should dump his middleweight belt and go up to 168. Ward, Bute, Froch are all waiting. Even easier if he jumps ship to Showtime. Got to make that money Sergio!

-Radam G :

WOW! I will just say that Sergio is not all that and a bag of chips. He beat a drunk and knocked out an overhyped, long, tall marshmellow, and was given 2010 fighter of the year for doing what was expect of any decent pug. Dude would never fight a live body his size, because he'd go the way of PW and KP. You live by the sword, you will probably die that way. Sergio is a noise-making, lucky chump. He should count his blessings, fight a real fighter his size, get beat, get paid and go da double fudge away and live happy ever after. He is the Primo Canera of our time. And both Money May and Da Manny would whup him. So why waste their time with a big-check-hunting rude mouth. Holla!

-miguel1 :

I'm on the other end of the spectrum on this, I think Sergio is a top 3 to 5 guy right now. I hope that window doesn't close before he fights someone. I'm OK with him wanting to get paid. The main thing to me is aside from technique, he has a crowd pleasing style and he deserves to be noticed. I think Manny and Floyd are not the same weight class, I'm not that intersted in those fights, but I would like to see him serve as a test for the Saul Alvarez / Julio Cesar Chavez Jr crowd. And if you want to blow a fighter up a few weight classes have Sergio beat up Amir Khan. These young guys with hype could sure use Sergio's scalp on their belts to add legitimacy to their blown up records.

-dino da vinci :

Definitely a top five guy. @Miguel1. He'd blemish either guys record if he was to face them. Also, leave Khan alone. Allow the kid some time. I'd like to see the "Marvelous One" face Sturm. I'd love to see him face Macklin. Miguel, look for my Hall of fame post.

-the Roast :

I agree with Dino and Miguel, Sergio is the goods. Radam is always tough on Sergio. Radam knows deep down that Manny don't want none of that. I don't see Sergio fighting Sturm or Macklin, not much money there. Big money is at 168.

-Radam G :

The Roast, this time you are too wrong. Even though that sucka is a giant over Da Manny and Money May, they would easily kick his arkward hyped-up fighting arse. He will look good for ever against a marshmellow hype and a drunk. WOW! And both the marshmellow hype and drunk and even Sergio are naturally left-handed. Good brained like muthasmarts. Just a bunch of right-handed suckas -- left-brained jive turkeys messed up Williams's fight game, they messed up KP on beer and syet and Martinez just started boxing too late to get good for his weight classes. If he were a heavy, he would be fine. Holla!