Golden Boy Wants Peterson-Khan Decision Overturned

Golden Boy Wants Peterson-Khan Decision Overturned – It was a great fight, but a controversial one. Unfortunately, controversy seems to be the common denominator for most of the bigger fights held this year.

The Dec. 10 title fight between newly-crowned WBA and IBF junior-welterweight champion Lamont Peterson and ex-champion Amir Khan in Peterson’s home of Washington D.C. is no different. Something didn‘t quite work out the way someone thought it should, and now Khan’s camp is talking about appeals, rematches, home cooking, incompetent judges and a referee who was maybe in over his head.
That fight ended in a split-decision win for Peterson, with Khan being penalized two points in the latter rounds for pushing by referee Joe Cooper. Those two missing points swung the close decision over to Peterson’s side and brought him the titles.

In a conference call Tuesday, Richard Schaefer of Golden Boy Promotions, which promotes Khan, said they were appealing the decision to both the IBF and the WBA. If they can‘t get the decision overturned, they at least want a rematch scheduled as soon as possible. If a rematch is all they can get, Schaefer said they already had a date (May 19) and a location (the Staples Center in Los Angeles) picked out.

Schaefer opened the conference call saying his gripe wasn’t with Peterson or his camp.  It was with the officiating. And it was the “worse case of home cooking I have ever seen,” he said.

“There are serious issues with these point deductions,“ Schaefer said. “First of all, there were no fouls. Even Lamont, in a post-fight interview, said the push offs from Amir didn’t bother him at all. There was clearly no basis to deduct one point, and certainly no basis to deduct two points.”
Schaefer also claimed Peterson was warned at least 14 times during the fight to keep his head up when he was moving in on Khan, but he was never deducted a point. He said it was clear after the first round that “Amir was fighting two people in the ring instead of one.”
Again, Schaefer said he didn’t blame Peterson.
“It has nothing to do with him,” he said. “The fact is, the referee didn‘t do his job, and worse, he did a (crappy) job. These points are fact. We didn‘t make them up. They‘re unquestionable facts. This decision has to be corrected. I hope they were just honest mistakes.”
Schaefer said if somebody can’t get a fair decision in our nation’s capital, then “we have a much bigger problem.”

Khan said from now on he’ll think twice before going into someone’s backyard to fight.

“I hope Lamont gives me the rematch I think I deserve,“ Khan said on the call. “I was judged unfairly.”

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-FighterforJC :

LOL. First Flopkins now this?

-Radam G :

First, everyone and his cousin like to play like it is no ethnic biases in nowadays boksing. But I ain't da ONE! I will call a spade a straight-up spade until in that grave I'm laid. The right thing to do is to call da jive a no contest and order an immediate rematch in neutral territory. Probably in Japan or even Hawaii. But I cannot see it happening. And YES! Because a dude with Da Great Khan looks and complexion has the nowadays wrong complexion to da get connections and da protection or da selection. Some people will call it racism and every type of other ism if that the home-cooking decision is rightfully reversed, because a black commission, two black judges, a black referee and one title sanctioning alphabet organzation that is black founded and run made the decision. I hear it now. "They think that blacks cannot be fair after all the sh*t and racisim we been through. Now they side against us for foreigners who relative may be the leaders of Talibans." Whatever! Reality distortion is a mutha. But the truth will set you free, brotha! Now it is my humble belief that if Da Great Khan was a fellow African American the decision would be reversed at the drop or a hat. True dat! True dat! B-Hop's TKO-decision loss was reversed to a no contest, but against a fellow black American. And it helped a whole lot that the referee was white, and was not going to put up with any B-Hop bullacting. So of course B-Hop put on a stellar performance that "people" wanted him "out of boxing." One doesn't even need to read between lines to know the game B-Hop was getting down and dirty with. Don't play like you don't what type of people that he was spittin' about. The African black pugilist "King Kong," who got hit with a ton of low blows, decision was not reversed. Just an immediate rematch was the order of the day. At the minimum, maybe Da Great Khan will get that. But I don't feel that the powers that be will have the cojones and twats to rule against a home-boy referee and mess up the great storyline of Lamont Peterson. The book and movie deal is too large of a deal for honesty and politics. The bottomline is about da moola not fair play or justice. After all boksing is crooked like a banana, so going apesh*t about everything is in order. Holla!

-the Roast :

Theres no overturning. It was close. It was in the challengers hometown. There were points taken away. So what. Did Pernell Whitaker ask for overturning. No. Did Marvin Hagler ask for overturning? No. He retired, moved to Italy, and made movies that no one has ever seen. Khan, Peterson, just have a rematch in three or four months. That's how to do it.

-rustyspitbucket :

I believe strongly, that Amir Khan should drop all his appeals, challenges and gripes, and concentrate on improving his performance. I watched the fight several times on TV and my computer, and it was obvious that Amir Khan had no successful 'legal' plan to keep Peterson off him. Kan wanted to fight at long range, and pot shot Peterson. Peterson kept controlling the distance, and was beating Khan up on the inside. Khan's only defense was to grab and hold Peterson behind the head, or, Push Peterson's head down (or like Bernard Hopkins actually lean on Peterson and push his whole upper body down. Or push Peterson off using an elbow in Peterson's face or under Peterson' jaw . Khan is fortunate that the referee did not call the holding behind Peterson's head. And, Khan should have been warned for hitting on the break on more than one occasion. Khan was flashy, and threw many punches the majority of which missed or were picked off by Peterson's gloves. As Shakespere may have said regarding Khan : "me think thou dost protest too loudly" Khan is overrated, and needs to mature both mentally and physically, with the greater emphasis on 'Mentally' Can you imagine what Roberto Duran or Sugar ray Leonard would have done to Khan for using those tactics ? There would have been no need to go to the judges. rustyspitbucket

-Radam G :

Doggit! In da words of Uncle Roger: "Most people don't kno' syet 'bout boksing." Holding behind the head is clinching and very legal. [Hitting behind it is not. That jive is known as rabbit punching.] Just like holding behind the shoulders, holding behind the chest and holding behind the waist is call CLINCHING. The game has been fudged up by darn referees on the take, or just dumba$$ fakes trying to get da glory and a piece of the cake. Danggit! I wish that the boxing powers that be would tell everybodeee and dey momma the difference between illegally "holding" and legally clinching in the seedy game of boksing. Holla!

-BoxAnne :

Agree with rusyspitbucket all the way. Hope it's cool to post videos, here's Khan's foul count on tape, check it out:


Although I am not a fan of con (khan) or cock-roach, I thought he earned the decision... but, I look @ it as bein' collateral damage. How many times did it happen the other way around? Usually the caucasian, or honorary-caucasian in cons' case, get ovah... so payback iza MFer!!! con is a decent boxer, but way over-rated. Y should the decision be overturned? If Hagler-Leonard, Hearns-Leonard II, Whitaker-Ramirez I, Whitaker-J.C. Chavez, Whitaker-De La Hoya, J.C. Chavez-Meldrick Taylor I, Hopkins-Pascal I... or countless others... weren't changed... then w@ makes this one any different? It's about time the hard-working underdog got one. Boxing politics usually dictates that the boxer who isn't as connected, will lose, but not this time! D@ wuz d@ D.C. gangsta game goin' on! And, I ain't mad @ d@!

-Radam G :

Just so you will know, IPS. Amir "Da Great" Khan is an Asiatic "Caucasian, not an "honorary-caucasian." Danggit! Most people don't know syet about origins or so-called race classifications. Asians are "Caucasian," as in Pakistan, or even black, as many are in New Guinea, China, the Philippines and in Australia and New Zealand, just to name a few places. Holla!