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163236 1577812817456 1599695799 31753174 3023953 nSeth Mitchell continued his audition to be the next semi-credible American heavyweight challenger–notice I don't even write “champion,”  let's not get ahead of ourselves as a result of our intense longing for someone, anyone from the States to challenge the Klitschkos “–and moved up a notch with a stoppage win over Timur Ibragimov in the top support bout underneath the Amir Khan-Lamont Peterson bout in DC on Saturday night.

Ibragimov (30-3-1 coming in; from Uzbekistan, living in Florida; age 36) weighed 221 pounds on Friday, while the ex Michigan State footballer Mitchell (23-0 with 17 KOs; from Brandywine, Maryland) was 240 1/2. His football ambitions, by the way, went out the window when his knee wouldn't stay unbroken. He had seven operations to fix it. So far, it has stayed functional enough for the ring, if not the gridiron.

Mitchell got tagged on the chin fairly cleanly at 1:40 which made him blink twice. Trainer Andre Hunter told him to use the right hand and not tail off at the end of the round. Mitchell landed a left hook with a minute left in the second, and it scored well. Right hands piled up and the ref had to step in right before the close of the round. The time of the finish: 2:48.

“My Christmas present to Seth Mitchell is, Seth I want to see you again. And maybe again, and again after that,” analyst Larry Merchant said.

Stat-wise, Mitchell went 44-138, while the loser went 23-59.

Mitchell told Merchant after that he wanted to blast Timur with the right hand.

What makes him different than other footballers, Marchant asked. Mitchell said he has the athleticism and also isn't cocky, that he works hard.

TSS Universe, what do you think of Mitchell?

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