Klitschko Kidney Stone Postpones Mormeck Fight…WOODS


klitschkoWladimir Klitschko had surgery to remove a kidney stone on Saturday, so his fight against Jean-Marc Mormeck scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 10 in Germany has been postponed, the AP reports.

The report says March 3 is possible as the reset date.

There was little buzz surrounding the clash between Wlad and the undersized, under-busy Frenchman, to honest, so the news was not met with a chorus of groans. Cynics and anti Klitschko haters, maybe unfairly, will maybe be asking why such a specimen has the bad luck to have such a condition affecting his kidney, which helps filter and excrete bodily substances.

The 35 year-old Klitschko was in camp in Austria, felt abdominal pain on Friday and had surgery the next day.