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Cotto Margarito 111203 003aPOSTFIGHT PRESSER

Miguel Cotto said he will rest a few weeks and then plan his next bout. He didn't dismiss Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

—Cotto said his face speaks volumes. After the first fight, it was a fright mask. The implication is that in 2008, Margarito was using plaster on his fists.

—Margarito said at the presser he felt fine mentally and physically. He said Cotto's mom went to him and asked if Miguel hits like a girl, and he said yes. He said that the swelling on his eye was caused by Cotto rubbing it. He wanted to go on, he said, but said that NY conspired against him. He felt that the fight was going the same way as the first one, and that he would have come on. During the bout, he was telling Cotto his punches didn't hurt and asked Cotto if his were hurting him, and asking him to stand and fight.

—Arum was asked about Cotto's contract status. “Miguel said, 'That man is my promoter and will always be my promoter.' I never had a contract with Marvin Hagler and promoted all his fights, and Cotto reminds me of Hagler.”

—Margarito had 12 stitches, Arum said.

—Brandon Rios versus Mike Alvarado is something Bob Arum would like to see, he said in the Cotto-Margarito postfight presser. Arum said Rios is done at 135.

—Arum said, when asked about May 5 as the target date for Mayweather-Pacquiao,  “Nobody has a date for anything. That's nonsense. It doesn't necessarily have to be on May 5. There's no magic in May 5. There is magic in Pacquiao-Mayweather. I'm not confident about anything but the public, we at Top Rank, Manny wants it and I believe Floyd wants it, so why wouldn't I be optimistic.”

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