Brandon Rios Makes John Murray Pay For Missed Meals…WOODS


12.03.11boxeBrandon Rios had quite the ordeal to get to fight night, but he made John Murray pay for all those missed meals, stopping the Brit in round 11 with a nasty combo platter. Rios, who didn't make weight Friday, and had to give $20,000 of his purse to the Brit, had more energy than most any would have predicted.  The end came at 2:06 of 11, three rounds after Rios starting turning the scrap in his favor.

Trainer Robert Garcia lifted Rios up after running into the ring, and the crowd didn't care for it. Murray's nose was gushing blood from midway through the bout and Rios, once he saw red, turned it up a notch.

In the first, Rios and Murray were toe to toe. Rios didn't look too weak, in the early rounds, from his weight battle. In the third, it was all toe to toe. Both men were throwing tight shots and the pace was fast. Would Rios be able to keep it up?

In the fourth, Rios grinned after Murray landed two clean shots. I liked Murray in this round and you had to wonder how Rios would act the deeper the fight went.

In the fifth, Rios landed a sharp left hook at the bell. The round was tight, again, and much potent body work was done by both men. In the sixth, Rios, with great energy, drew blood from the nose. It was a gusher. The fight turned in this round. In the seventh, Rios ate a low blow. The crowd booed him. Murray hung tough til the tenth, so props to him. And Rios, for that matter, who had such a battle to (not) make weight. The ref took hard looks at Murray after the sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth. In round 11, Rios showed more energy than I think most if not all would have predicted. He battered Murray, and the ref stepped in.