Delvin Rodriguez Wins Unanimous Decision Over Wolak in Rematch at MSG…WOODS


12.03.11boxeIf Delvin Rodriguez and Pawel Wolak consent to it, I don't think fight fans will refuse a third match between the two battlers. Their July fight was a draw, and tonight at MSG, Rodriguez, the cleaner, harder puncher,  took the rematch.

The judges saw it 98-91, 98-92, 100-90 for the Connecticut boxer, in this junior middleweight scrap.

De and Wolak were in each others' face from the start. Wolak landed a sharp right upper, and seemed sharper on this night than in their first tangle, early on, in round two. That July night, Wolak's punches didn't have the same snap. But then Rod had a real solid round, in the third. His right hand, underneath and over the top, was landing.

In the fourth, Del was landing clean shots and Pawel grinned but he felt them. In the fifth, the Polish born fighter was again staionary, too easy to find. He rarely moved his feet more than a few inches, and Del was confident that he'd not get hurt, so he stood his ground and launched.

In the sixth, Del moved more to start then settled back to being flat footed. Not in a bad way, he landed right crosses and left hooks to the body and won the round. Then he started backing up too much in the seventh. Were body shots and pressure getting to him?

Rod was the busier man in the eighth. He looked kind of beat but still hurled. Wolak had a better ninth. A three punch combo for Del looked sharp in the tenth. He then hammered Wolak for the rest of the round and nearly had him out. We'd go to the cards.

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