Two Showings Left For “Kid Shamrock”


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The third run of “Kid Shamrock,” which is playing at the TADA Theater on West 28th St in Manhattan, is almost done.

The play tells the story of Bobby Cassidy, the ex middleweight and light heavyweight contender for whom fate didn't cooperate with to get him a title shot, but who managed to avoid what many would have predicted might might befall him: a messy flameout post ring retirement. Cassidy grew up in a troubled household, with a stepfather who beat him, and he coped later in  life by drinming too much. But he saw the light 37 years ago, and his son Bobby Jr. wrote the moving script to celebrate his perseverance and strength. “The run has gone unbelievably well,” the writer said. “I've had eight or nine people come up to me and tell it made them laugh and cry. I had ex fighters in tears coming up to me.” There are two shows remaining; you can call for tix at 1-800-838-3006, but Saturday (tonight) is sold out, while tix for the Sunday 3 PM show are still available.

Ex fighters galore populate the cast. John Duddy is young Cassidy, Seamus McDonagh is older Cassidy, Cassidy Sr does narration, and Mark Breland plays trainer Jimmy Glenn.

The play will make you look at what it means to be a boxer, and remind you that you don't have to win that title shot, or get that corner office to be a success.


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