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bradley LA 3(1)Tim Bradley had his way with Joel Casamayor in the main undercard bout on the Pacquiao-Marquez card at the MGM in Las Vegas. Casamayor's trainer Miguel Diaz hopped in the ring and ended things for his man at the tail end of the eighth round, though the Cuban's night was basically over from the first.

Bradley was of course busy in the first. The 40-year-old Casamayor looked to land with a headbutt a few times and we wondered if this one would deteriorate. He held when he wanted to, but couldn't stop the busy Bradley.

Lederman had Bradley up 3-0 after three, ad did anyone else watching.

The HBO crew, Jim Lampley, Max Kellerman and Manny Steward, chatted about Bradley's decision to blow off an Amir Khan fight because Casa wasn't making it a competitive scrap.

In round five, Casa went down from a body shot a minute in. It was right to the solar plexus, a sweet shot to a nasty spot.

He went down again in the sixth, on a shot that looked to be helped by a shove to start the round. On replay, we saw a right to the groin was followed by a forearm shiver.

Bradley missed a good bit, as he has a tendency to load up some, but he had things in hand.

“How are you feeling?” trainer Miguel Diaz asked Casa, who answered without much fire that he was OK after the sixth.

Bradley in my opinion could use am immersion in a footwork seminar, so he could land, then reset and launch again, instead of landing and then falling in and clinching, or getting caught in a clinch. Bradley  landed hard, clean shots at the end of the eighth. He went down at the end of the round and Miguel Diaz saw enough. He pulled the plug.

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