Alvarado, Behind on Cards,  Stops Prescott In Tenth…WOODS


breidis-prescott 802155cMike Alvarado took on Breidis Prescott in a junior welterweight scrap before the Tim Bradley-Joel Casamayor bout, the main undercard tiff ahead of the Manny Pacquiao-Juan Manuel Marquez III event at the MGM in Las Vegas on Saturday. Alvarado needed a stoppage to win, and got it, pressing on the gas in the tenth and final round. He dropped Prescott, and then followed up with punishing uppercuts. The ref saw enough, and halted things at 1:35 elapsed. Precott was ahead by three points on two cards, and two on another.

Prescott started off sharp. He was busy, sticking and moving, mixing his punches nicely. The  Miami resident, who was born in Colombia, was in a zone. The Coloradoan Alvarado looked like he didn't expect this version of Prescott.

Blood was all over Alvarado's face in the fourth. That came from his left eye. We wondered if Prescott would be able to maintain the pace. In the fifth, Alvie knew he needed to get it done, what with that cut. He stepped it up.

They were toe to toe in the sixth, and this one was giving you your money's worth. Prescott had an edge in punches landed, 159-94, to this point. Harold Lederman had him ahead, 59-55.

Movement worked for Prescott. His feet got him out of harm's way, and his head movement had Alvie missing. Prescott had a slow seventh but got cooking again in round eight. He ate a fierce right which should have put Prescott down but props to him and his chin. In the tenth, Alvie pressed, and sent Prescott down with 1:35 left. He got up, but was eating uppercuts, and ref Jay Nady stopped the clash.


-brownsugar :

Wow,.. a story book ending that should halt any further wreckless comments from Prescott concerning Amir Khan.

-Radam G :

Another loud-mouthed clown, who's been lucky bites the dust. Moral of the lesson: To be real, you must. Real always catches up. And will KICK yo' sorry-arse BUTT! Holla!

-tefEverve :

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