Pacman-Marquez 24/7 Episode 3 Recap…WOODS

Extra attention is given to members of the Pacquaio and Marquez teams who stand by their men, and help prepare them for battle, in the third installment of the HBO’s Pacquaio-Marquez III 24/7

First off, Marquez received an honor, as he was bestowed with a spot on the Mexico City walk of fame, but it was right back to work after that interval. Marquez went back to the gym and didn’t box a stitch, instead doing weight work. Marquez said his training has been better in every way compared to his prep for his fight with Floyd Mayweather.

Marquez finishes the day with a session in a hyperbaric chamber, which he says recharges his batteries. He huffs pure oxygen through a mask, and then departs.

In Hollywood, Manny Pacquaio doesn’t bother with the weights. He does pads with Freddie Roach and bag work and then pauses to crack up at a lady dressed up as him. It is Halloween, after all.

The Manny crew then heads over to hang out in the Manny Pacquiao Merchandise and Tattoo Shop. Manny slurps soup while Buboy gets a tat, his first. He is getting inked with a burning meteor. That tat is the same one Manny and most of the rest of the crew have engraved on their left forearm. Buboy says he thanks the Lord for his blessings and his best friend, Manny.

We then see old Rafael Rojas, Marquez’ first amateur trainer, fixing a bag. At 89, he is a trainer emeritus. He fought but quit because his mom would cry when she saw the marks on his face.

We see Alfredo Angulo, a Romanza regular before his fight with James Kirkland. He trains with Beristain in the AM, and Marquez in the afternoon. Beristain’s boys might well go 0-2, eh..

David Rodela, sparring mate for Pacquiao, sweeps up at the house he owns, which was secured after he got a down payment from Pacquiao. He, Ray Beltran and Jamie Kavanagh help Manny get ready. Beltran is a counterpuncher, Kavanagh is an offensive sort and Rodela is all pressure. He says Marquez won’t make it past the sixth.

Beristain watches tape, and comments that Marquez looks better, with more speed and power, than he has recently.

Media day at Romanza shows Marquez’ strength and conditioning coach Angel Hernandez aka Angel Heredia explaining why he went by “Hernandez” instead of the given Heredia on the last 24/7. We hear he admitted he gave PEDs to high profile athletes, ratted people out and thus avoided a prison term. Marquez says, “I’m training like I should be. If they’re saying I’m using things I shouldn’t, I’m ready to take a test any time they want.” Heredia says Marquez could do blood, urine or excrement testing to prove he’s clean.

Alex Ariza, Manny’s conditioning coach, says he doesn’t really care about the presence of the former steroid pusher. Ariza says Manny is extra amped for this one. Roach agrees, saying Manny has an extra edge, something he hasn’t seen in awhile.

We see Team Manny hanging after the gym at an apartment complex. He plays the guitar and sings a ditty.

The theme of this episode has been those members of the team who affect the fighter.

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-Radam G :

WOW! Steriod use would not help any fighter anyway, especially if da suckas was short on the talent and/or skills [And lady's lucky]. All the news about that jive is bunk! Everybodeee and dey momma, who have been apart of boksing for the last 100 years know that that trumped-up-to-give-you-an-edge-steroid syet has always been around forever. OMFFPs! Those at the top of the game, know that it is all about the training, proper nutrition and HEART. It is mind over matta, FO'GET DA JITTER JABBA! All this come lately jive about da awesome power of steroids, is just to hype up da bout and make da know nothings think that their dream fighter has a shot. And he does with his training, proper nutrition and heart, but with steroids -- NOT! Once again, the awesome power of steroids working in the sweet science is a fudging Myth. And at the most, a placebo effect. Fu*k what any so-called expext says. A-side Meth does not work for Pinoys to walk through bullets or punches, and steroids don't give you the talent, skills and heart that you need in that squared jungle. [I hate to be ratting out fighters who are already dirt napping. Nonetheless, some of you readers and scribes need to go into the J Edgar Hoover-era FBI files, and read up on fighters who were on steroids when they won the title belt. And on them, when they lost the title belt. They won or lost because of outdoing or not outdoing the opponents, not because of the roids or PEDs. There is no automagical sh*t that you can needle into your veins or swallow down your throat that will give you the ____ that you need to be a SUPER-CHAMPION BOXER, hands down, ___ UP! Steroid didn't help Fernando Vargas an iota. And everybody and his cousin knew what Al Feroz was doing in the amateurs and pros. Hehehehehe!] We already know that drinking cows' bloods and pi$$ don't. Hehehehehe! The great, late Sugar Ray Robinson drank 10 types of cow bloods, but that jive didn't turn him into a moo-moo vampire. Joey Maxim whup his cow-blood toxic arse! And drinking PI$$ never help Juan Manuel Marquez. Chris John and Da Manny whup his toxic pi$$-in-da-kidneys arse. Dat peepee apparently made JMM delusional and pi$$ drunk, because he believes to this day, that he has never been beaten by any fighter. Well his self-proclaimed Asstec -- I mean Aztec -- warrior arse will be BEAT SILLY and canvas napping come November 12 in Pinoy Vegas. That's RIGHT! Da Pinoys will be all up in Las Vedas's GRILL gettin' on our sinning and Thrill! So what! Don't hate! We'll be in church the next day, or week, or whatever, asking for forgiveness and giving BIG donations to charity and the church. All you suckas go out and GIVE! It is good for your soul. Hehehehehe! What is life with no thrills and a bit of sin? And then giving to the needy. Holla!

-nashingun :

HGH can almost take a full 2 or 3 months to even take effect on your body. He would have to inject daily with upto 4-8 IU's a day. So if it was in his blood, it would be detected during the time he is training. There is no magical drug that just kicks in the day of the fight and is out of the system by round 12, unless your talking about speed or crack. Yes some oral steroids can leave the body within 2 days, but they take at least 3 weeks to start working, so how much benefit could he get from taking steroids just two weeks before the fight? If steroids and HgH are so quick to work and leave the system, then why did the USADA stop blood testing 18 and 19 days for Mayweather vs Mosley? Which Travis Tygart (CEO) admitted to with fighthype. He said it was "UNECESSARY" to take any more blood when urine was sufficient enough for the remaining 2 and half weeks! True the idea was that it was random and neither fighter new when it would stop, but my point is blood testing wasn't necessary even 2 and half weeks before the fight, according to the USADA.