Hernan Marquez KOs Luis Concepcion In First Round…WOODS

Tayson_ConcepcionWBANEWS1Hernan Marquez  and Luis Concepcion engaged in a fight of the year type scrap on April 2 in Panama, an event which saw Concepcion hit the deck three times total, and get stopped out in round 11. In the rematch, which went down Saturday night  in Mexico, Concepcion once again played the yoyo, getting knocked down three times in the first round. That was all the ref had to see, as he halted the re-do with 58 seconds to go, giving the Mexican Marquez the nod in his homeland.

The winner, nicknamed “Tyson,” rose to 32-2 with 25 KOs, while the Panama native drops to 23-3 with 18 KOs.

Marquez (age 23) weighed 112, while Concepcion (age) was  also 112 on Friday.

The lefty Marquez scored a knockdown at the 1:32 mark in round one, off a right hand. He'd buzzed Concepcion with a left hook seconds before. He took the eight count, and the two went back at it. A right hook sent Concepcion's bum to the mat at 1:13. He hopped right up, went at Marquez, and ate a short, straight left to the chin. That was all she wrote, as the ref Rafael Ramos didn't bother to count, and halted the scrap.

Marquez retained the WBA flyweight crown, which he'd relieved Concepcion of in the first tangle. His two losses were back to back outings, against Richie Mepranum (UD10) and Nonito Donaire (TKO8) in 2010.

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