They Make Weight: Donaire 116.25 lb, Narvaez 117 lb

Donaire_Narvaez_weighin_111021_001aOct. 21, 2011, New York, N.Y.  — (L-R) WBC/WBO World Bantamweight Champion Nonito “The Filipino Flash” Donaire and undefeated two-time world champion and current WBO Jr. Bantamweight Champion Omar Narvaez of Argentina weigh in (Donaire 116.25 lb, Narvaez 117 lb) for their upcoming world title fight, Saturday, October 22 in the Theater at Madison Square Garden.  Promoted by Top Rank, in association with Madison Square Garden, Donaire vs Narvaez will be televised by HBO Boxing After Dark. — Photo Credit : Chris Farina – Top Rank 

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-ali :

116 makes me nervous I hope he didn't over train trying to make 118...its about time for him to make that jump to 122 or maybe 126 he's pretty tall for these smaller weight classes.

-Radam G :

He didn't overtrain. But he needs to get away from con-man Conte before long. JunJun will not be able to pass ali's test. You know the one about roids and PEDs and jive-turkey bull like that. OOPS! I musta' fo'got! And, especially, the Pinoy A-side Meth one. I put down a litre the other day and then commenced to walk through bullets and bombs and stuff. Hehehehehehe! Holla!

-ali :

At the end of the day I just want every fighter to be clean and if so may the best man win period ...

-Radam G :

Con-man Conte musta' fo'got da roids for the "Filipino Flash," or dat new, weak jive got on its crash. The Flash didn't have his usual dash and smash, and dat a$$ he couldn't lash. His opponent was just there for the cash. To Narvaez, it was all about collecting more moola for his stash. So much for the powerful of PEDs and steroids. Danggit! That didn't rhyme. This is one of my nine cents days, instead of a DIME! Hehehehehehe! Holla!

-brownsugar :

Narvaez is like the Jimmy Young of the bantamweights division but without the same competetive drive. He'll make anyone look bad while he's trying to go the distance. If Donaire can come it at 116.5 at his age I don't see why they're talking about him fighting JaunMa, Gamboa and the other top boxers at 126 to 130. That's quite a stretch. Lets see what Donaire can do with Agbeko or Mares first. The weight class hopping appeal popularized by fighters like Pac and to a lesser degree Mayweather is a myth that only a few rare boxers can obtain to. And if you notice once those guys move up,.. they never go back down. Matching popular fighters with other popular fighters in different weight classes is a recipe for disaster. Donaire is one of my favorites, but does anybody think he could compete with Gamboa?...Yes he can be hit but it's too much weight.. the gulf is too wide... Stay at 118, and 122.