Scully Won't Let Hopkins Go

HopkinsDawson_Hogan31Chad Dawson's trainer, John Scully, passed on a message from someone he says has knowledge of sports medicine. That person casts doubt on the severity of Bernard Hopkins' shoulder injury.

“I hope you guys have a doctor who's ready to explain to the Commission that the AC Separation business is non sense. Anyone can go to a doctor and get the diagnosis that Hopkins got. The diagnosis for low grade separations like Hopkins' supposed injury is based on the patient telling the doctor what happened and where it hurts. It doesn't show up on x-rays so the doctor just goes by what the patient says and by range of motion tests to make his diagnosis. Even though they haven't come out and said the grade of the injury (there are 5 grades of AC separation) I am positive it was a low grade separation because if something had actually popped out they would have never left him in the ring for that long after the fight to do an interview and there would have been a visible bump where the bone would stick out. An MRI would give an idea of whether there was actually tissue damage but even that would have to be compared with an MRI from the past because some people have loose ligaments in the shoulder area to begin with. I'm sure you guys already know all this and have someone on it, I'm just annoyed with the possibility of this being ruled a NC. Anyways, take it easy and good luck.”

For what it's worth…This is an anonymous source, and we're happy to print other info or material to counter this source. We truly do aim for fair and balanced here at TSS.