Dawson Trainer Scully On Hopkins: “A Real Gangster Would've Gotten Up”

DawsonPrepares4Hopkins_BlevinsAfter we got discussing the merits of the denim shorts he wore into the ring at Staples Center on Saturday, alongside his fighter Chad Dawson, trainer John Scully touched on the bizarre ending to the Hopkins-Dawson fight, what he was thinking when Hopkins hit the canvas, and how he saw the fight playing out.

Scully told TSS he knew the second that Hopkins hit the mat that the fight was over. He turned to the cutman and told him as much, in fact. “If anyone else went down, I would be thinking, 'Let's see what happens,''' Scully said. “He has a history of this stuff. Against Calzaghe, the second Jones fight, against Arthur Allen, Antwun Echols. I had 49 pro fights, and nothing like that happened to me.”

Scully defended Dawson's move to get Hopkins off of him. He explained that the move Chad employed to shed Hopkins is taught in gyms and is called a “bumpoff.”

“He didn't throw Hopkins down. Archie Moore did the bumpoff. Hopkins fell like he was shot by a cannon. And he started making faces as he was going down. Then he was leaning on his “hurt” shoulder. I would think that would magnify the pain by a thousand.”

Scully, age 44,  agreed with our Frank Lotierzo that it wasn't written in stone what would happen the rest of the way; many experts say they knew what was going to happen the next ten rounds. “Chad's jab was streamlining into Hopkins, and Hopkins was backing up, but yeah, you got to let it unfold. I wanted to see rounds six, seven, when both guys started opening up more. I certainly was very excited how it was unfolding.”

Scully, who retired in 2001 with a 38-11 record,  said he has no regrets about Dawson's conduct. He says he's pleased someone stood up to Hopkins, who he termed a bully. “It's about time someone didn't roll over,” he said. “People are sick of Hopkins and his dirty fighting. He calls it old school, it's not old school. He's an actor. Maybe this is a wakeup call to refs that Hopkins isn't above the law.”

Scully said he knew Hopkins was trying to lay the groundwork for a bullying performance at the last press conference. “He told Chad, 'There are no gangsters in Connecticut.' Meaning, Chad's soft. He found out he was not the only gangster in the ring that night. But a real gangster would've gotten up.”

James Toney, Scully said, got hit in the back of the head several times by Sam Peter and didn't grimace or whine, he just came back and fired, content to play dirty in return if that's what Peter was gunning for.

The trainer said his guy had adrenaline shooting through him, and didn't lose his composure when he bumped/tossed Hopkins off of him. “Chad  was just like, 'Enough is enough. Let's fight. Let's have a fight, see who wins.'''

The trainer said he told Dawson in the dressing room that he needed to elevate himself on this night, as Roy Jones did against James Toney, as Floyd Mayweather did against Diego Corrales. “It's your coming out party,” he told the boxer, who has of late become known for his passivity.

Lastly, what about those denim shorts? Scully said maybe he will start a trend but if not, he's cool. “You want to be comfortable,”  he said. “You got to be you.”

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-FighterforJC :

The ONLY Hopkins fight I think the public will be willing to pay to see is against James Toney at cruiserweight. First we've got to see how much Toney's got left should he actually be able to trim down that low and whether or not he'd be drained. Other than Toney, the sport of boxing has seen enough of Hopkins, who obviously doesn't take himself seriously anymore. Hopkins is there to con the people. Should he get the NC, no way in hell will Hopkins fight Dawson again, not after the shellacking he took from Dawson in just barely over a round. I've never seen fear like that in Hopkins' face. He knew what was coming and he took bailed out of the fight. As for Dawson, it's unfortunate that there's nothing exciting in the light heavyweight division. Regardless of what the powers that be ultimately decide on the outcome of the fight, true boxing fans will forever remember Dawson as the man who made Bernard quit like a little boy. There was fire in Dawson's eyes that scared the living daylights out of Hopkins. It's as thoug Dawson made him realize how old 46 really is and how serious the consequences could be against a young, fast and hungry athlete who's not going to give in to Hopkins' overrated mind games.

-Radam G :

I gamble on what is not gonna be all da time. One of my next gambles will be that Bad Chad Dawson will dance with B-Hop again. I'll tried to take a bet on this TKO victory for BCD being overturned sooner before later. But da bookies in Vegas and in cyberspace ain't having it. They too know that that verdict was bullsh*t, and B-Hop had already gotten into BCD's noggin. This is why BCD started the tough-guy jive and grizzly-bear tossing muthafudgers. As for a "Real" Gangsta gettin' da fudge up, B-Hop was getting up and told the doctor and the ref that he'd fight. They told him "NO!" Go and review the sound potion of the bout. The doctor said that he was not letting B-Hop continue. Da powers dat be are always up in a "REAL" gangsta's grill, then they claim that they didn't push him off the hill. B-Hop is a "REAL" gangsta still. C'mon, YALL! Don't be manufacturing stuff and hatin!' There are many QUITTERS in life. B-Hop is not one of them. YUP! He is a BULLSH*TTER, but not a darn QUITTER. The jury is still out on BCD. He played an optical illusion on many of you suckas and got out the bout in his own sneaky way. And he's glad about it. The game is about gettin' yours while da gettin' is good. SERIOUS NEW FLASH: The verdict doesn't have a chance in hades of surviving. Holla!

-amayseng :

"gangsta". Really?!? Seriously?!?! Who over the age of 18 uses that word? A bumpoff does not incorporate grabbing the opponent leg while dumping him on his back so he has no legs underneath him. That is called a foul and a champion no matter who it is should Lose a fight let alone their belt from a foul. Rule book.

-FighterforJC :

I love how the same people who were commending Mayweather for the sucker punch are all of a sudden becoming beacons of morality and walking the straight and narrow. Flopkins landed as soft as a feather. The injury was fabricated. If it wasn't, then he miscalculated his rickety, almost 50-year old body.

-ali :

The ref asked Hopkins can u continue and he said he separated his shoulder Hopkins wasn't trying to move his arm at all and he didn't seem like he was trying to get off the canvas so what else was the the ref to do but stop the fight...I've seen Mike Tyson dislocate his knee and continue to fight...Ali with a broken jaw...Gati broke his hands in so many fights...buddy messed up his shoulder during a fight and kept fighting ...Hopkins atleast give it an honest try homie.

-Radam G :

BUT WHAT DID THE DOCTOR A$K and $AY? Ali Baba, I saw yo' brother Hagi Baba. Why don't the two of you dudes gang da double fudge up! Are you telepathically communicating with your imaginary characters again? Danggit! You need 40 shrinks, 40 eye doctors, 40 eye-seeing dogs and 40 lashes on yo' BIG a$$ for perpetrating a fraud of being a real G. C'mon, MAN! I'm a real G -- the one and only Radam "Pinoy Time" G. Ya' BLIND! And full of jive and triple syet! And a G knows another G. Ya' HEARD! Game knows GAME! Yo' game is tired and lame! Holla!

-Radam G :

OOPS! I musta fo'got! Ali Baba, yo' a$$ also need 40 hearing doctors. How can you not hear what was SAID by the ref, doc and B-Hop! By the way, neither Money May nor Bad Chad Dawson did anything WRONG! The problems are bad commissioning and bad refereeing. But, unlike the Money May-Vicious Vic bout, justice will more than likely prevail in this one. Holla!

-amayseng :

So how come people condemn Ortiz for his deliberate illegal foul but condone chad for his which won him a championship?? Wonder if ortizs headbutt was not ruled a foul and Floyd couldn't continue and lost?!? How would those view that circumstance?

-FighterforJC :

Nice try. Ortiz initiated the headbutt. Hopkins DOVE on Chad Dawson with the intent to injure Dawson and possibly separate his spine from the pressure on the back of the neck. It backfired on Hopkins, plain and simple.

-Radam G :

Wow! FJC, ya gettin' on yo' funniness. Hehehehehe! "...possibly separate his spine from the pressure on the back of the neck" is a gem. Holla!

-Radam G :

Let the WBC tell it. The real gangster didn't need to get up, and is still CHAMPION. Holla!

-FighterforJC :

This may sound cold, but I can't wait till all you "old school" guys are dead so that the current generation of fighters get their due credit. I mean, seriously. If any of you guys know each other personally and one of you dies, please post on here. I won't be rude or be mocking and I will even pay my respects, but I DEFINITELY will throw a party when I get home.

-Radam G :

Hehehehehehe! Danggit, FJC! You be wildin' and childin' drunkardly! Don't worry, everybody eventually dies. But the same old sh*t stays. It will just be: "Same old sh*t, different players." Actually I have confirmed the demising of three TSSU readers/posters. It's not really hard to do. May God rest their souls and/or reward them and give them mercy, if needed, and grant them all the benefits that exiting this topsy-turvy world and those bodies may entitle them to. Holla!