Hopkins Has A Separated Shoulder, Doc Says…WOODS

393-1lwLLz.St.55photo by Will Hart, HBO

Longtime fightwatchers know that Bernard Hopkins is as canny as it comes to exploiting any perceived advantage in order to get himself closer to winning a fight. Therefore, fight fans know that it would not be out of the question for Hopkins to perhaps play up a reaction to a foul committed by an opponent during a bout. That reaction might allow him some sympathy from a ref, or judges or perhaps fans. It isn't outside the realm of his personality or history that Hopkins' superior brain clicked in as he was being dumped via double leg takedown by Dawson in round two at the Staples Center on Saturday.

Let me play this up, and surely ref Pat Russell will at the least deduct a point, Hopkins may have thought in that split second. Then, he may well have realized that he needn't play it up, because his left shoulder sent a jolt of pain to his brain.

Analyst Max Kellerman to his face told Hopkins after the shock ending that his history of demonstrativeness in this area might have people wondering if he was faking. Sharp point by Max. Hopkins took umbrage, and we later learned why. Hopkins went to the hospital and was x-rayed and in fact an injury was detected.

Here is a report from Team Hopkins on the visit and diagnosis:

Bernard Hopkins has been released from the California Hospital Medical Center in Los Angeles after being x-rayed and examined by Dr. Sam Thurber, MD who diagnosed Hopkins with a separation of the acromioclavicular (A-C) joint which connects the collar bone and shoulder blade.