John Scully Says Oscar Played Dirty At Presser

The Connecticut-based trainer Scully (above left) says Oscar deliberately tried to fan the flames at the presser, by misquoting co-promoter Shaw.(Hogan)

John Scully, the trainer for Chad Dawson,  passed this note to TSS: “Just a quick note from the press conference today for Dawson-Hopkins this weekend (if you didn’t catch it as it happened)…at one point there had been several speakers who only spoke Spanish and Gary Shaw (as co-promoter of the event) made a comment to the effect that they should have had one of those teleprompters available that translates Spanish to English so that all the media, etc. could understand what was being said (a fair idea)…Oscar got up to speak right afterwards and in SPANISH (with no English translation) he told the Spanish speaking persons in the room that Gary had just said something to the effect that they shouldn’t have people who only speak Spanish talking…at that point one of the trainers of one of the undercard boxers got up and said something aggressive and mean spirited towards Gary. Speaking to Gary afterwards he didn’t realize what was happening, he didnt know what Oscar had done and he didn’t know why the guy verbally jumped all over him.

The simple fact that Oscar said what he said and didn’t translate it for the rest of us to hear points to his trying to fan some invisible flames intentionally. Take it for what its worth but for me? That was dirty on Oscar’s part. What Gary said was not with ill intentions in any way whatsoever and everyone there knew that and, in my view, it was a terrible attempt by Oscar to sway people against our side (Gary promotes Chad). Oscar was VERY wrong to do what he did, period.”

TSS emailed Golden Boy to ask Oscar to respond to the charge, and a spokesperson answered:  “I apologize for any ill feeling this caused, I don’t think it was anything intentional on Oscar’s part either.”