Berto Sees Progress in Haiti




New York, NY – (10/12/2011) – This coming January will be the two-year anniversary of the massive earthquake that hit Haiti, leaving the country devastated and in shambles, but for IBF Welterweight Champion Andre Berto, it seems like just yesterday.
After the earthquake hit, Berto, who lost multiple family members in the devastation, cancelled his upcoming title fight against Shane Mosley and traveled to Haiti to help in the relief effort.  Berto spent weeks in Haiti before returning back to the States and resuming his professional career.  His efforts have continued since then, including most recently when Berto made a large donation to the charitable organization, Generosity Water that enabled two water wells to be built, that provide drinking water for thousands of Haitians.

 “It makes me smile from ear to ear to see the growing progress in Haiti and knowing that I am a part of it.  Everyday that I train makes it all worth it because I know it will give me a platform through my fights on HBO to continue to bring awareness to Haiti. I don't want to be one of the people who just 'talk.' I want to be one of the people that actually steps up and does something, and that's what I am going to continue to do,” said Berto.

 “Andre made a commitment to Haiti immediately after the earthquake and he has put his heart, time and energy behind his promises.  We at DiBella Entertainment are proud of him and his efforts,” said Lou DiBella, Berto's promoter.


Below are links to videos of the two wells that were built thanks to Berto's donation.


Well #1:

Well #2: