TOTOWA, N.J. (October 5, 2011) – Hard-hitting heavyweights Kimbo Slice and Franklin“Yah Yah” Lawrence will be showcased in separate bouts October 15 on the “Rumble in the Heartland” card, presented by Gary Shaw Productions and Legacy Communications, at Heartland Events Center in Grand Island, Nebraska.

“Two of the biggest hitters in boxing, Kimbo Slice and Franklin Lawrence, will be in action for Cornhusker fans to watch in the ring,” promoter Gary Shaw said. “Slice is just frightening and he’s going to do much better in boxing than MMA. Lawrence is very dangerous, too, and the best-kept secret in the heavyweight division. It’s going to be a very exciting night of world-class boxing. Fans better not leave their seats during the action because somebody’s lights could go out at anytime.”

Co-promoted by Shaw and Tony Holden, Kimbo Slice, aka Kevin Ferguson, headlines the Nebraska show against Ray Bledsoe (2-3, 2 KOs) in a four-round bout. An underground combat-fighting legend, Slice has quickly developed as a boxer with world-renown trainer John David Jackson in his corner. In his pro boxing debut this past August in Miami, Oklahoma, Slice needed only 17 seconds to record a sensational knockout of James Wade.

The 36-year-old Lawrence (16-2-2, 11 KOs), presently ranked No. 15 by the World Boxing Council (“WBC”), takes on Nigerian strongman Raymond “King Kong” Ochieng (23-14-3, 18 KOs) in an 8/10-round bout.

Late-blooming Franklin is the reigning WBC CABOFE (Caribbean Boxing Federation) and International Boxing Organization (“IBO”) Inter-Continental heavyweight champion. Since losing to former world champion Oliver McCall by a close 10-round decision in 2009, Lawrence has reeled-off four impressive wins in a row, all by knockout, against former NABA& NABO titlist Lance Mount” Whitaker (KO7), 2004 U.S. Olympian Jason “Big Six” Estrada (TKO10), ex-CABOFC champion Jason Gavern (RTD7) and veteran Marcus Rhode (TKO1).

Also fighting on the Oct. 15 card in a six/eight-round fight is Abel “Truth Serum” Perry (15-5, 7 KOs) versus James “Boogie” Freeman (9-4, 7 KOs), lightweight Brandon “Pit Bull” Quintana faces Richard Flores in a six-round match, in addition to super flyweight Johnny Determan vs. Steven Johnson and light middleweight Reuben Rodriguezvs. Sean “Hollywood” Wilson, in a pair of four-round fights.

Tickets are priced at $220.00, $138.00, $45.00, $29.50 and $19.00 (plus fees) and available to purchase at the Heartland Events box office (Monday-Friday, 8 AM-4:30 PM), www.HeartlandEventsCenter.comor

Doors open at 6 PM with the first bout scheduled for 7 PM. For additional information go online to or

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-FighterforJC :

Ray bled. So? LOL. This is the kind of garbage that has driven the sport of boxing deeper and deeper into the ground. It's much easier to manufacture and fabricate a career in pro boxing than it is in MMA for one reason--MMA respects itself and continually wants to prove its legimitacy. The last thing the UFC wants to happen is for some noob to come in and embarrass one of their own veterans. The UFC could've matched Toney with some bum who would fight on his feet and make Toney look good in the process and potentially turning him into a cash cow leading to a mega fight with Brock Lesnar. Instead, Daa White seized the opportunity to show the world how superior MMA is to boxing in terms of pure combat proficiency required to excel in it. Then you have Gary Shaw who's trying to prove that any bum on the street can make it big in boxing.

-Radam G :

Wow! Boxing is still mad business about the money. I don't know syet about MMA/UFC. But as far I can jist, they are great at setting up the same optical illusions and bullsh*tology in the grand style of crowd drawing of modern-day boxing. Boxing is very stable and will not be sinking off the map anytime soon. Matter of fact, don't believe the hype about money or butts in seats and eyeballs on PPV, the Big Screen and television screens. Boxing is doubling what MMA/UFC makes in cash. And the hurt bitnezz has more fans -- loyal and marginalized. Just Google the CASH-biz making from the IRS site. A bout of piece in one year of Money May and Pera Pac, cash overflows hundred of bouts plus of the MMA/UFC. [In other words, two bouts of the above powerhouses make almost twice the about of MMA/UFC best 100 plus in a year.] Of course Kimbo is of a long line of freaks who will make a few bucks before he gets his arse torched. He will be carefully matched and then will likely challenge George "MonK" Foreman and get da double fudge kayoed. But the sucka will be well paid, and for a while will be able to get laid. Hehehe! A lot about MMA/UFC is hype and promotion. And hatin' on boksing is MMA/UFC favorite and only tool. But it ain't workin.' Actually and reality are far from hype-ology, mythology and bullsh*tology. Holla!

-FighterforJC :

If MMA/UFC is hype and promotion? What's boxing? Boxing fans are insecure because for decades they thought that they could pose like the toughest guys on the street because they're boxing fans. Now they got supplanted by a bunch of Tapout t-shirt- wearing surfers who go to L.A. fitness.

-Radam G :

Boxing is hype and promotion! It takes the hard earn money of suckas "born every minute," as do MMA/UFC. Both sports are high on entertaining the savages and flaws in human character. Those who know KNOW! Those who don't, are just brainwashed into believing that they are 90 percent of the time seeing a good, legit, show. For the promoters and the big wigs, it is all about gettin' dat moola, BABBBBEEEEE! Don't take a rival between MMA/UFC and boxing serious. They are uncovered cohorts. Holla!

-FighterforJC :

There's no "rivalry" between MMA and boxing. Boxing purists are the most threatened by the emergence of MMA. The world of MMA respects boxing and Dana White is a huge boxing fan himself. He just has a better organized sport that boxing fans could only dream of ever having. We would've seen Pacquiao-Mayweather 3 by now.

-Radam G :

Boxing purists are idiots on optical illusions and mass cofusions. Nobody should be threaten by competition. Dat C makes one step up his game. Okay, the B purists are threatened _______. [They are a bunch of bytch punks.] But the REAL DEAL in da game with a brain and a lot of moola to gain, welcome the UFC/MMA competition just as much as they welcomed the television threat of Roller Debry back in da day. Holla!