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JMLopezMtagwa_Bailey_9Juan Manuel Lopez stayed busy with a TKO win on Saturday night over fringe contender Mike Oliver in Bayamon, Puerto Rico.

Oliver caught JuanMa (now 31-1 with 28 KOs; from Caguas, PR; age 28) with a clean left hook early on, and then followed with a mad Mike-Mike flurry. JuanMa sent a message with a left hook to the body with 1:28 to go in the first, which sent Oliver (now 25-3; from Connecticut; age 31) to the floor. There was much wrasslin and clinching in between the periods where both men threw power shots, many of them hooks. Oliver went down again right before the round ended, and he looked like he was contemplating packing it in.

In round two in this battle of lefties, JuanMa did some holding and hitting, while Oliver's legs seemed shaky. The ref warned him several times for leading with his head, which the crowd liked. He fell to the mat twice during clinches. A left hook to the head sent Oliver down, for the third time, with 38 seconds remaining. His corner judged him to be without hope, and pulled the plug. Good call by his corner. The kid was at a serious strength and power disadvantage.

In his last outing JuanMa dropped his WBO featherweight crown in a massive upset to Orlando Salido. The Oliver fight was for the WBO Latino featherweight title.

TSS Universe, who should JuanMa target next?

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