Alexander Dimitrenko did nothing to elevate himself to a level where he gets a ticket to play the Klitschko lottery i.e. get picked apart by one of the Brothers K in Hamburg on Saturday night.

But a win is a win is a win, we suppose his people are telling him after he engaged in a snoozer with Michael Sprott, a used up Brit.

Dimi (32-1; from Ukraine, lives in Germany) won by scores of 119-108, 117-111, 116-111. It feels like he is biding his time, waiting for others to lose, so he can edge his way up the ratings and get a shot at Wlad or Vitali.

A “test” like Sprott at this juncture in the career of the 29 year old really just serves to add a “W” to his ledger.

The 36 year-old loser drops to 36-16. He was kept at bay with Dimi's long jab, but in truth he showed no urgency for long stretches, no cleverness in trying to get past the range-keeper. The 6-1 1/2 Brit did toss the 6-7 victor to the mat a few times, out of frustration, but got no love from the judges for doing so.