Floyd Drops, Stops Ortiz In 4th…Was It A Cheap Shot? …WOODS

MayweatherOrtiz_Hoganphotos2(Hogan Photos)You are told to protect yourself at all times. Victor Ortiz forgot that ring basic, and paid for it in the main event at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on Saturday night. After Ortiz had a point taken in the fourth for a deliberate butt, the action re-started. He and Mayweather came together, and Victor tried to apologize. Floyd ripped a left hook, right hand follow, and down went Ortiz. He didn't beat the count of ten.

The Marquess of Queensberry rolled over in his coffin, for sure.

After, Merchant talked to Floyd. He asked him if it was a cheap shot. Floyd thanked God, and his team. He then said he was hit by a dirty shot, and “it's protect yourself at all times.”

He thanked the crowd for coming out and buying the PPV. Merchant asked him to talk about the fight. He had watch Floyd the video. “He done something dirty, we're not here to cry and complain about what he did or I did dirty.  I was victorious. If he wants a rematch, he can get a rematch.” He then stopped the interview, and said he never gets a fair shake from Merchant. “What are you talking about?” Larry said. “HBO needs to fire you,” Floyd screamed. “You don't know shit about boxing.”

“I wish I was 50 years younger and I'd kick your ass,” Larry answered. When he re-joined Merchant at ringside, he said, “I don't really think I could've kicked his ass 50 years ago. But I would have tried it.” He then laughed, God bless him.

All time classic, kids. Money well spent on that PPV.

Ortiz then said “it happens” about the butt. “I'm not a dirty fighter,” he said. “I'm sorry for that.” He said he said sorry to Floyd after the deduction. Merchant asked him if he thought that was unfair. “You could look at it two ways. I came out here to show the fans a good time, and I think they did have a good time, except for that little miscommunication by the ref.  I'm not perfect, no one is, neither is the ref. I have no one to blame for it, it's a learning experience.”

Mayweather (age 34; 5-8; 41-0 entering) was 146 1/2 pounds, 150 on fight night, while the WBC welterweight champion Ortiz (24; 5-9; 29-2-2 entering; from Kansas, lives in CA) was 147 (164 on fight night).  

The first round kicked off at 11:55 ET, for the record, right after Michael Buffer offered his signature rumble call. Floyd landed a lead right which drew ewws. A hook from Ortiz  scored soon after. Ortiz didn't rush in pell mell, undisciplined, overjuiced. It was a strategic round and a good one for Ortiz. He didn't look out of his element. Trainer Roger Mayweather told Floyd to work the jab, and keep backing Ortiz up.

In the second, Floyd looked mostly to land the right. Floyd grinned a couple times, after Victor tried to land a power shot. Ortiz tried to muscle Floyd some, using his weight advantage. Roger said to “keep backing him up” after the round. Trainer Danny Garcia told Victor to get inside. Harold Lederman gave Ortiz the second. I did not.

In the third, Floyd's timing looked to be on. He'd throw as Ortiz started to throw, and landed first. Right hands down the middle were landing just about every time and you had to wonder if Ortiz could do anything to change that.

In the fourth, Floyd opened up thirty seconds in. Victor tried a head butt in a clinch, the second time he'd done so. He threw shots as Floyd was on the ropes, and Floyd shook his head, indicating he wasn't bothered at all. Floyd was now backing Ortiz up, as Roger had instructed. Victor head butted him, hard, deliberately, and Cortez took a point. They hugged, and Floyd threw a left hook-right follow, and dropped him. 

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