Heavy Handed Canelo Stops Gomez In 6th…WOODS

AlvarezRhodes_Chavez7Alfonso Gomez was building a case for a decision win against Canelo Alvarez at the Staples Center in the main support bout to the Floyd Mayweather-Victor Ortiz on Saturday night. Yes, he got knocked down in the first off a jab, but he was busy, and aggressive, and Canelo didn’t seem to be on in the first four rounds of their scrap. Then Canelo landed a right upper-right follow, and buzzed Gomez. The redhead looked to close, with power shots, and ref Wayne Hedgepath stepped in and halted the action.

It looked like Gomez wasn’t drowning, that he deserved more time, especially since he’d been right there with the phenom, but he didn’t get that from the ref. The end came at 2:36 of the sixth.

Canelo went 103-305, to 86-364 for Gomez, in the punchstat department.

Afterwards, Canelo was asked if he came in lacking focus, too lighthearted. “I was confident and smiling, and seeing so many people here motivated me. Appreciation to the fans here tonight,” he said. He said he wasn’t trying to give away rounds early, and said he was taking his time, because Gomez was well prepared.

Gomez said the stoppage was quick, that the ref looked for a reason to stop it. “I was able to continue,” he said. He said he expected to get screwed over, in so many words.

The WBC junior middleweight champion Canelo (from Mexico; age 21; 153 1/2 to 168 pounds; ) entered with a 37-0 (27 KOs) mark, while Gomez (from Mexico, came to US as a little kid; age 30; 152 1/2 to 159 pounds) had a 23-4-2 with 12 KOs mark.

Max Deluca, Al Rochin and Ray Corona judged.

In the first, Gomez showed a lot of torso movement, and he tried to be slippery as he came inside to land. Canelo, who set things up with body work,  scored a knockdown off a jab at the tail end of the round. “Relax, nothing happened, nothing” Gomez’ corner told him.

In the second, Gomez was active. He wasn’t put off by that knockdown. His jab was stiff, and Canelo’s punches got wider.

In the third, we saw Canelo get full extension on that jab. The guy has some of the most fabulously rubbery ligaments in existence…He stays in the pocket, and stays cool, a trait which helps him build that XL fanbase.

In the fourth, Gomez, staying low and active, tried to take the action to Canelo. He was sending a message to the judges that he came to LA to win, not last and pick up a check. Canelo got to work with 30 seconds left; the kid tries to steak rounds like a 25 year vet.

In the fifth, Canelo brought the jab back. His left hook buzzed Gomez with 30 seconds to go.  But was Gomez taking rounds with this solid gameplan and workrate?

In the sixth, a right uppercut-right follow hurt Gomez badly. He followed up, and the ref jumped in to halt it. “Too quick,” the HBO crew said. Canelo threw about ten unanswered punches but didn’t seem out of it.



I was very impressed with Saul Alvarez tonight! Something I learned tonight about him, man, he can box! He was using the philly shell defense and counter-punching his opponent, bob and weaving and answering back with hard, but precise punches. The dude can box and he can bang in there too. Alfonso Gomez used his veterancy the best he could but not enough to even survive Mexico's promising star. Alvarez is no his way to become the next best thing for Mexico. The critics will always be here and there; that's part of being a boxing star, nothing strange. Now all he needs is the big names to start his own legacy. A fight with Julio Cesar Chavez Jr sounds lucrative, but Chavez Jr should stay away from 'Cinnamon Head' for the time being, even though he's been in it for awhile. No doubt Floyd would wanna fight this kid if he's still fighting and still unbeaten,..........and still looking for a big payday which it won't go away, XD!!!!!!!!!! Anyways, great performance by Saul Alvarez, the kid's on the rise no question.

-teaser :

Didn't like the way Canola fought early...not jabbing or using his legs...he looked much sharper against Rhodes....if Gomez could hit this could have been trouble...but maybe that was deliberate ....Canola's got tons more power and showed it ...he knew it was just a matter of time

-brownsugar :

Canelo was patient and deliberate... even a little sneakier that he was the last time I saw him... his jab was crisper.. he was economical.... while showing patience for the "honey punch" (as Lennox Lewis used to call it). He let Alfonso unload while looking to land the one shot that mattered... Before this event there was even talk from Canelo wanting to fight Mayweather in 2012, .....make it happen.... if not please rid the world of Chavez Jr.

-brownsugar :

Oh,... the stoppage was a little too early, but Gomez was going to get stopped anyway... game try by Gomez.

-Radam G :

Canelo is a hyped-up greeny of marshmellow-and-tomato-can fighting, who will be KTFO if he is ever matched with a warm body. Holla!