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422The third episode of HBO's Mayweather-Ortiz 24/7 continued the theme of showing the personality differences between Floyd and Victor. Basically, we see the Money persona versus Humble Victor.

Mayweather said he was miffed at the attention Ortiz' backstory has gotten. He then made a crack about Ortiz getting massaged by a man in the last episode, and added another crack at Oscar De La Hoya, who was seen wearing fishnets in photos of him cavorting with an ex stripper in 2007.

Mayweather is then seen working his body, not his mouth. He does pads with Uncle Roger. We then see Floyd sipping a mix of orange soda and Mountain Dew in his workout's homestretch.

Viewers then see a Labor Day cookout given by Floyd's staff, to thank the fighter.

In Ortiz' zone, we see Victor at a public meet n greet at a block party. The next day, a group from Big Brothers and Big Sisters come to visit Victor. Props to the fighter for giving back to kids who need some direction and hope. He tells the kids not to give in to negativity, and to believe in themselves.

At his media day, in Ventura, CA., Ortiz says he isn't phased. Trainer Danny Garcia too says he doesn't focus on the hubbub. “Our job is to work hard and get ready,” he says.

Ortiz slams a heavy bag and barks out personal affirmations.

At the Mayweather Boxing Club, media day arrives. It's old hat for Money. He chatters, cracks jokes, works the speedbag, and then does a Q n A. He is asked about the spat with his dad in episode one. “I wish him nothing but the best,” Floyd says.

Floyd says he's tired of hearing that Ortiz has had it so hard. “They make it seem like I just woke up and I'm just a multimillionaire. My father been in prison, my mother left, my mother been on drugs, and my father been a drug dealer. I been through it all. We lived seven deep in a one bedroom. But I don't talk about that on the show,” Floyd says of his upbringing in Michigan.

Floyd is then seen at a car dealership, with a couple pals. We're told he owns 14 luxury cars, worth more than $4 million. On this day, he trades a Bentley for a new Rolls.

We then see the new Rolls, all white. He pays in cash to make up the difference.

Ray J plays the piano in Floyd's living room, and sings some.

At Danny Garcia's house, he is studying tape of Floyd. He watches Floyd against Ricky Hatton. “He's dirty,” Garcia comments, when Floyd is seen throwing a forearm.

Garcia says “Floyd's going to pay for his mistakes.” We shall see..Victor could well get shut out. I see balance issues, and him squaring up, and him being absolutely ripe for Floyd to pick apart. Unless Floyd has aged more than a bit…

Ortiz says he's happy with his progress in camp. “As of right now, everything is feeling pretty on point.”

Karl Dargan, Tony Flores and Steve Forbes give him sparring work. Garcia tells the boxer to go inside, aim for the body, and be aggressive with the jab.

Next, Floyd takes the Rolls for a spin. He says that “my fans come first. I don't want to say they come first because I come first, self preservation is the law of the land, I must put myself first…People that pay to see you win, people that pay to see you lose, they're both fans, because they both paying.”

At his house, the night owl is on Skype, at 2:30 AM. He chats with US soldiers in Afghanistan. “I want to let every troop know over there that's fighting for this country, I love you guys.”

His fiancee, Miss Jackson, pops in to say hi. The troops seem to love her dimples.

He then boasts about his net worth, and his 22 thousand square foot home. Not sure how this played to the soldiers, who are fighting for peanuts, and frequently have to fight for benefits when they come back home…

Ortiz then tells his coaches he wants a day off. “They didn't like it too much, but I was like, all due respect, coach, I'm going to take my day off whether you guys like it or not.” Garcia says he's cool with that.

The day off sees Team Ortiz going on a fishing expedition. Ortiz says, “Floyd thinks this is going to be a walk in the park. This is going to be very ugly, bloody walk for him. There's a lot of thing I see in him, about him, they don't mix with me, and they won't.”

Mayweather references his legal woes, his arrogance. But he always comes to win, all must admit. Granted, sir.

We finish with a series of cuts back and forth between the two, working out, and talking up their chances and bonafides. Floyd has the last words: “I am the WBC, world's best champion, world's best champion. I'm going to be the last man standing, still here, still going strong. Anybody else, who's next?”

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