Mayweather Slams His Dad, Oscar and Ortiz On 24/7 Episode II…WOODS

A stark contrast in personality and training methods of Floyd Mayweather and Victor Ortiz popped out in the second episode of Mayweather-Ortiz 24/7 on HBO.

Viewers saw Mayweather working his “Money” persona, counting stacks of money in a hotel room, with his pal 50 Cent. Floyd and 50 did a silly skit in which they used stacks of money, money won on a preseason football bet, as phones. They processed the beef we saw last week, between Big and Little Floyd, and it must be said, I’ve seen less funny skits on Saturday Night Live…during the Denny Dillon era.

“I could care less what my father is doing,” he said, mentioning that if he never spoke to his dad again, he’d be fine, and that the tiff would only make him fight harder on Sept. 17. Sad stuff, no matter what you think of Mayweather.

Mayweather said that Victor Ortiz is “petrified,” and mocked Ortiz’ explanation for his loss to Marcos Maidana.

Ortiz looks relaxed as he hangs with a pal, and they listen to tunes. The underdog goes to LA to tape the Piers Morgan show. He hangs with Oscar De La Hoya, who appeared with Ortiz on the show. We saw a highlight from the show, a clip in which Ortiz says he feels no fear, because he grew up in such tough circumstances.

Ortiz was shown at a workout, and it is loose in there. He and trainer Danny Garcia do double dutch jumproap, and then Ortiz blazes through a jump-rope flourish to end the workout.

Back in Floyd’s camp, Cornelius Boza-Edwards looks after Roger Mayweather, whose health has worsened because of diabetes. He explains the legal charges he’s facing, an assault tag stemming from a physical clash with a female fighter. “She hit me,” he says. Edwards drives Roger to Quiznos to get a sandwich, which he calls a “sammie” and that confuses Edwards, who thinks he’s referring to “salmon.”

Roger attends anger management class, but no camera is allowed in. “Same old s—,” Roger says after the class. Hope the judge doesn’t watch 24/7…

Danny Garcia then is seen working with Ortiz. “You’re the man, you’re good. It’s very important to rest,” he tells Victor.

Oscar then visits Ortiz in Ventura, where he works out. This is right after Oscar admitted he’d considered suicide, last week. He tells Victor that Mayweather might turn old overnight, and that he has fought old guys, such as himself, and little guys, like Hatton and Marquez. “Mayweather should be the underdog,” Oscar tells Victor.

Ortiz gets a massage, not one of the ahhh variety. We then see a tattoo on his back, and he tells viewers that it stems from his dad. He had his last name on his back, but removed it when his dad told him he was proud of seeing his name on his son’s back. Since his dad left his kids in the dust, Ortiz said to hell with that, and covered up the name with a design.

Mayweather then gets in a workout, at 1 AM. He says it is his third workout of the day. The workout ends at 2:30 AM. He sings a ditty, which contains a line going out to his haters. They won’t get their money back from the PPV, because it’s non refundable, he sings, in a manner which would get him rotisseried by Simon Cowell.

We see Ortiz and his bro Temo. They are tighterthanthis, no surprise since they hung tight when their mom and their dad jetted. We then see Danny Garcia, and he says he looks out his back window, and he sees his brother Robert, in a house right behind his. They haven’t spoken in four years and two weeks ago, had a beef and the cops came. Again, sad stuff.

Ortiz slaps Mayweather for burning money in public. “If you’re really that careless about money like that then who knows where the rest of your life will take you,” Ortiz said. “I don’t think he could quite handle the adversities I have.”

Mayweather runs, and tells viewers that his father was a crap fighter, Oscar did coke and Victor looks like a Victoria’s Secret model.