Monte Barrett Gets Up From 12th Rd Knockdown,  Gets UD Over David Tua…WOODS

203507_170561396341342_975702_sThere seems to be a trend cooking. Fortysomething fighters are turning in some of the best showing of their careers. B-Hop, Grady Brewer, and now Monte Barrett has joined the four-decade club of boxers who've impressed with a solid showing in 2011.

Barrett, who turned 40 in May, earned a UD12 over David Tua, himself nearing that mark which used to signal last stop on the pugilism express.

The two vets clashed in New Zealand Saturday, in a rematch of their July 2010 tussle, which saw them fight to a draw in Atlantic City. Barrett looked like he'd have the edges on the judges cards, but he very nearly didn't get a chance to enjoy that honor, as Tua knocked him to the mat in round 12. But the New York-based hitter collected his senses, was up with 46 seconds remaining, made it to the final bell, and was overjoyed when the judges didn't give the nod to the native son, Tua. They saw it 115-112, 115-112, 114-113 for Barrett.

Tua was his usual self; he looked for big shots, and wasn't all that busy, or mobile. Barrett was in stellar condition, as he weighed in at 222 pounds, three pounds less than he did in the first scrap. Tua, meanwhile put on 6 plus pounds from the AC beef. After, Tua said he'd like a third crack at Monte, who used a busy jab, a sneaky quick right and constant movement to get the W. He deserved a cut of the PPV buys for how he clutched and grabbed and slipped Tua's tosses after getting knocked down.

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-the Roast :

What year is this again?

-mortcola :

Weird. Monte is one inconsistent dude. He looked sharper in this fight than he has in years. I think I'm re-starting my amateur career this week....I'm gonna be 48, and I think I'm hitting my prime.

-Shoulder Roll Defense :

Tua came along in the wrong era. I don't think he could beat either Klitschko brother because they fight tall, a la Lennox Lewis. Fighters that fought tall behind the jab were Tua's achilles heel. However, he would totally destroy guys like Haye and Adamek! Ten years ago he would have knocked Barrett out.