Who among us wouldn't like to see Floyd Mayweather fight Sergio Martinez?

They are two of the three best boxers on the planet. And, while some cynics–and I am often among them–think Floyd wouldn't risk a loss against a skilled, free flowing power puncher like Sergio, a bada$$ ballet artist, his advisor Sampson Lewkowicz thinks Floyd wants the fight.

“I expect Mayweather to take this fight,” Lewkowicz told me at a press conference in NYC today to hype the Oct. 1 Martinez-Darren Barker clash in AC.

Awesome! But…won't he want a catchweight?

“If he wants to have him at 150, we will fight Klitschko. At 180. Both of them. The lowest he will go is 154. 152 he will not take it. 153, he will not take it. If it's ten million dollars, he will not take it. His health is more important. As an advisor I will not let him take it.

The Pacquiao-Martinez fight isn't likely to take place, he said. “Manny's too small. I can tell you, I discovered Pacquiao, I know Pacquiao, he will not take the chance. He will not sell himself for money.”

Post Barker, a fight with Julio Cesar Chavez Jr is likely, then hopefully Mayweather. Those who like a Miguel Cotto-Martinez fight aren't likely to get their wish, he told me. “His team communicated to me the fighter said. I was very surprised to hear a Puerto Rican say no. he doesn't want to lose. Sergio is too skilled for him.”

“Paul Williams doesn't deserve another fight, he lost the fight against Lara. Williams was not the same after the first fight with Martinez. He was different with Cintron, with Martinez, and Lara. It's time to think about his future, his health. It's a great possibility to retire now, with dignity.”