Martinez Advisor Lewkowicz: “Whoever Says Pacquiao Is No. 1 P4P Is Wrong”…WOODS

What do you think about this, Pacman fans? I asked Sergio Martinez’ advisor Sampson Lewkowicz if his man was the top pound for pounder in the world. And his answer, I think, will not make you happy.

“By far (Martinez is number one),” said Lewkowicz, at a press conference in Manhattan on Wednesday to hype the Oct. 1 Martinez-Darren Barker clash in Atlantic City. “I believe Martinez has fought better competition than Manny Pacquiao, I believe that whoever says Pacquiao is number one is wrong. I believe Sergio Martinez is the sweet scientist of boxing. And give him credit for that.”

Is Mayweather better than Sergio?

“Let’s fight each other and find out who is the best.”


-FighterforJC :


-amayseng :

i have to agree, im a huge pac fan but sergio has fought the better opposition , much better and has gone on to win as well. his only real loss is from margacheato ten years ago, today, sergio beats margacheato into a permanent wheelchair and nursing home.... sergio beat a solid cintron but got robbed on two occasions, a 10 count and a punch and a decision....most think he won the first pwill fight, and he almost killed him the second fight...he beat a bigger and harder puncher in pavlik who ruined taylor... pac is truly a phenom, but dlh was drained, margacheato was beat to death by shane years ago, and shane near 40 is not an accomplishment, a 35 year old shane would be even at that late age...clottey was a statue and hatton came to fight and pac almost killed him... i think pac beats mayweather and sergio toys with mayweather... but yes 1 sergio 2 pac 3 bernard top 3 lb4lb

-aymokay :

I do understand Lewkowicz, he is making a lot of noise because people started to realize that martinez' achievements is nothing special, he doesn't even deserve no. 2 P4P but should be lower in ranking and lately Sergio has been out of the limelight. I'll bet Darren Barker will give Sergio Martinez a run for his money

-FighterforJC :

I love how one person uses multiple accounts because no one else agrees with them and they are too insecure leave it at that. lol.

-dyolens :

Whatever they say, Mike! Anyway, did anyone tell them that Manny is not sacred of scaling the weight ladder say, ten rungs already and captured 8 titles along the way? And he did fight the best in all those ascensions without making any test match or what did Marquez call it? A tune-up fight, yes that's the one! Did anybody tell Sergio that his vanquisher, Margarito wasn't scared of giving in to catch weight just to even the fighting chance of the smaller Pacquiao? Can we say the same thing about Sergio? The last time i heard him on the video, he was making comments like the super middle weight guys are too big for him. Hmm.. he wants to be known as the pound for pound best??

-mortcola :

No. Sergio is a phenom. But he's on a roll...still has lots of flaws that the dramatic KO of Williams makes people not see. His greatest strength is speed and athleticism, but I'm not buying it until he's kept up this level for several more fights. Cintron was competitive in the first part of that fight; Dzinziruk was able to slip and counter VERY effectively before the eventual beatdown; Williams had him down and outfought for large parts of the first fight; Pavlik outboxed and countered him for long stretches, and if not for the eye and the now-obvious effects of alcohol in his life and training, would have had a fine chance at winning; Pavlik and Williams have revealed their flaws in ways that make Martinez' dominance less impressive, though still nothing to sneeze at. Martinez is a late bloomer; maybe in this way he is like Pac. But at lighter weights, with less polish, Pac was a more dominant and exciting fighter; at higher weights, he has been more overwhelmingly in control of his fights. Martinez needs to OWN his opposition a few more times before he has earned the title of PFP best. I'm all in favor of the accolades if he keeps it up. And, no, he doesn't own Mayweather. He has particular fundamental flaws that should not be hard for PBF to exploit. Main issue in that fight is the weight. Martinez is a large guy.

-Radam G :

Talk is Talk! Walk is Walk! Sergio Martinez is an amateur in comparsion to the creme de la creme. Dude beat a bum in LTP Williams and a drunk in KP. Da sucka couldn't fight his way throw toilet paper. He just fought the right fights at the right times. Martinez ain't large. His arse is boxing fat. He is an overfat-arse light welterweight. Most fighters from 140lbs to 160lbs would easily tear his amateurish-fightin' arse up. Enough spitted from your's truly. In da word of Uncle Roger: "Most people don't know syet 'bout boksin'" and would believe any hype about any media built-up chump lump. Holla!