Delvin Rodriguez (pictured right above) and Pawel Wolak engaged in a ten round war this past Friday on ESPN's “Friday Night Fights”.  The fight, which still has everyone buzzing, and many boxing insiders calling it the early candidate for fight of the year will reair tonight and again this Friday. Star Boxing, which promoted the show is pleased to announce that the special will be the first ever non-regularly scheduled reair for ESPN's Friday Night Fights.

“The fact that this is the first time ESPN is doing something like this, is a true testament to how great this fight actually was,” stated Joe DeGuardia, CEO and President of Star Boxing. “This past Friday was truly what boxing is all about. You had two warriors giving everything they had in the ring, before an electric sold-out audience. The atmosphere in the arena was in-describable. Everyone knew going in that this was going to be a great fight, but I don't think anyone could have predicted what we all witnessed.”

“These two fighters exemplified what professional boxing athletes should be: conditioned, determined and passionate about their sport,” said Doug Loughrey, ESPN director of programming and acquisitions. “These boxers gave 100% of themselves by consistently over-coming adversity not only for those in attendance, but a worldwide audience on ESPN's Friday Night Fights. Their combined performance is exactly what makes this sport so great. We are already looking at schedules for this fall for a potential rematch on ESPN.”

Re-airing Schedule:

Wed. July 20

8 p.m. ESPN Deportes

10 p.m. ESPN Classic

Fri. July 22

7 p.m. ESPN Classic

9 p.m. ESPN2

9 p.m. ESPN Deportes