One had to figure matchmakers for Top Rank wouldn't let Juan Manuel Marquez get tested too much on Saturday night, not with a November date against Manny Pacquiao looming. But fight fans know this game unfurls the unexpected on you with regularity, and stranger things have happened, than having a massive underdog like Likar Ramos mess up the best laid plans.

Nothing strange took place at Plaza de Toros, the bull ring in Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico as JuanMa (53-5-1; age 37; from Mexico City; ) did the expected, maybe a bit more quickly than some would've guessed. He showed up in shape, and caught Ramos with a vicious right hand which knocked him silly, and ended things right quick in round one.

Ramos lay on his back for several minutes as his brain cells scrambled to get back into a semblance of a normal state. The end came at 1:40, officially.

JuanMa, who could've messed up a $5 million payday in that third tangle with Pacquiao,  said after he'd have liked to have more rounds. He addressed Pacquiao, asking him to be in great shape, because he wants to give the fans a great fight.

JuanMa set up his right with a jab, and then lowered the boom with the right hand, which landed on the chin. It didn't perhaps look like an obvious KO blast, but Ramos said otherwise. This is the second time he's been stopped; Jorge Solis did it in February 2010.

The WBA-WBO lightweight titlist JuanMa last gloved up in November, when he scored a TKO9 win over Michael Katsidis. He was 134 for that fight, and weighed in at  138 for the lefty Ramos (24-4; age 25; from Colombia; 135 pounds; ex interim super feather titlist).