Our man Al Bernstein weighed in on the Klitschko-Haye debacle on boxingchannel.tv.

He saved his darkest demerit not for Haye, who talked up a storm and fought  like a gentle rain, or Wladimir, who hinted that we'd see an amped up version of himself, only to “treat” us to the same disciplined version, but for ref Genero Hernandez.

He dropped the ball twice, Al said, when he took a point from Wlad for shoving Haye down, and then gave Wlad credit for a knockdown after he shoved Haye to the mat.

Al touched on the busted toe, and said he thinks Haye should've asked for a delay, time to heal up.

If you don't log on to BC all that often, please do so. On BC,  you get a little looser Al, as he's able to get a little deeper into his opinions than he does on Showtime.

He dropped the hammer on Haye and trainer Adam Booth for their buffoonish behavior after the bout, calling it “reprehensible.” He then goes on to talk about the prospects for a Haye-Vitali fight, and offers a take on Haye's retirement talk.

Click here: http://www.boxingchannel.tv/klitschko-haye-did-not-reinvigorate-the-heavyweight-division

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-Radam G :

Wow! I think Al is going to be an apologist. So I'm going to bypass watching his apologies for a bum and a chump. The game is known as the sweet science. But the Bros/docs Klit keep putting out junk science. And too many fanfaronades are eating it up. These guys are the cream of the crop -- creme dela creme of the worst era of heavies since time immemorial. Holla!