Jose Sulaiman, the World Boxing Council, the NABF and WBC World Boxing Cares, is requesting that Boxing Gyms throughout the USA to open their doors to the growing number of children, rendered homeless by the multitude of foreclosures in this country. We request that any child under the age of 20, who comes to you with a note from their school expressing need, be welcomed in your facility – so they can train, shower, be mentored. Many of our greatest fighters found asylum from difficult backgrounds in our gyms. You set the boundaries – but let them in!

If you consent and cooperate, please let us know so we can list you among our friends, send you a WBC Certificate of Excellence to display, and some WBC Cares Patches for the children.  Please contact us if you wish to participate in this program.

Our hearts to yours,
Jill Diamond

WBC Cares Chair