ON THE FRINGE OF THE REEPERBAUM AND THE EDGE OF THE BELL – Imtech Arena sits about eight miles from the Hamburg “zentrum” amidst heavy greenery and right next door to the much smaller O2 Arena where Vitali Klitschko pounded Shannon Briggs, but whether it is friendly turf for Wladimir Klitschko has become a hot topic in this part of Europe.

Not far beyond the forest here lie the frequently stained gutters of the famed Reeperbahn, the “Sinful Mile” reportedly the largest red light district in Europe.

K-bro Wlad, calm and upbeat, promises to make Haye pay for his frequent transgressions against his family name and the sport of boxing's image. A brash Haye unflinchingly promises to make Klitschko pay for so-called sins against the game's popularity.

Classic fire and ice. Lieber Damen und Herren (ladies and gents), we may have ourselves a fight.   

Though Haye has been blabbing like a loser with certain cheap shot subject matter, his charismatic presence has definitely added the excitement and atmosphere to this scene that his many global supporters predicted, and by strength of personality and dynamic appearance alone he seems like a guy with a shot.

That intangible vibe has ignited Klitschko – Haye after a much less than world shaking buildup in the weeks before the contest. A lot of folks are still waiting for Haye to show up until they get excited. There are too many truly important global events going on to claim this Northern Germany scene really matters, but as evidence of human potential and social interaction Altoona (just off one of Hamburg's borders and massive docks) is a buzzing distraction of the highest order.

The UK fan presence is very strong, cheerful and loud, and Haye seemed to have won the weigh-in. 

Here are the final true odds for Klitschko – Haye :

Klitschko by Decision : even

Klitschko by Knockout : even

Haye by Decision : 20 – 1

Haye by Knockout : 10 – 1

Draw : 50 – 1

Klitschko scores Knockdown : 4 – 1

Klitschko scores Multiple Knockdowns : 20 – 1 (re: if down,how much can Haye get up)

Haye scores Knockdown : 10 – 1

Haye scores Multiple Knockdowns : 10 – 1

Klitschko to land first Big Punch : even

Haye to land first Big Punch : even

Attendance over 45,000 : guaranteed

Attendance over 55,000 : even

Future fights beside Pacquiao-Mayweather that could equal or surpass Klitschko – Haye under similar cost/conditions : zero (only type possibilities include Vitali – Adamek in a bigger Polish stadium than scheduled or Chavez, Jr in the same stadium as Chavez, Sr – G Haugen)

Vitali Klitschko to Confront Haye if Wlad Wins : 0%

Vitali to Confront Haye if Haye Wins : 100%

Percentage of UK citizens polled who swear Haye will win by KO : 65 – 70%

Percentage of UK citizens willing to bet on it : 6.5 – 7 %

Percentage of German citizens who swear Klitschko will win by KO : they will let facts speak for themself

Percentage of German citizens willing to bet on it : 6.5 -7%

Rain in Hamburg on Fight Night : 85%

Rain on Haye's Parade : even

Klitschko – Haye to be Excellent Event : almost 100% guarantee

Klitschko – Haye to be Excellent Fight : even

Klitschko – Haye to be Crappy Fight : even

The Sweet Science Universe readers/posters to give insightful observations on Klitschko – Haye Result : 100% guaranteed


-Condor :

I'm pretty psyched for this one today. It's interesting, because after reading the threads, Haye is a big-time betting favorite here at TSS (possibly fueled by a deep-seated Klitschko vitriol, but most consider Haye a superior fighter). The general consensus has Haye steamrolling Wlad. I don't see it that way. Haye has proven nothing to me at heavyweight, and he's essentially just another Klitschko opponent to me. I could be wrong (and I'd be happy to be, as I have no rooting interest here other than for boxing), but I see it this way: Klitschko by 3rd round KO.