Maybe y’all have noticed Floyd Mayweather has dialed back on the bragging of late. No pronouncements about being an all-time great, better than the Sugars, more able than Ali. You can see the humbleness of the hitter when the Boxing Channel  interviewer Marcos Villegas tees one up for him (, asking him if he gets frustrated that he gets so much flak even though he beats everyone put in front of him.

Instead of going off on a Rodney Dangerfield rant, he thanks the fans for being there for him, and lauds his team for doing stellar work, then says now “it’s really not about the money at this particular time. He talks about “performing well” and doing his “best.”

Classy, restrained, smart. Not adjectives we’ve always attached to Mr Mayweather.

Cynics can say that he’s acting in this manner because he has Johnny Law breathing garlic breath down his neck. But I think it’s entirely possible that we may be moving into a new era of Floyd behavior. Kinder, gentler, humbled by circumstance, tempered by age. I guess only time will tell…

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