Cotto-Margarito Rematch A Go For Dec. 3…WOODS

CottoMargarito_HOGAN_8Promoter Bob Arum today said that he has almost finalized plans for a rematch between Miguel Cotto and arch-nemesis Antonio Margarito. Arum said the bout will take place on Dec. 3, at either the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, or at Madison Square Garden in New York.

Margarito battered Cotto when they fought in July 2008. Cotto had success early on, but Margarito was like The Terminator. He walked Cotto down, and punished him, until Cotto's corner threw in the towel at 2:05 of round 11. Since then, Margarito was outed as a cheater, as he tried to used hardened hand pads before his January 2009 fight with Shane Mosley. Mosley stopped Margarito, who was then suspended for his attempted trickery. He beat a journeyman after a hiatus, before losing to Manny Pacquiao (UD12) in November 2010. He suffered a broken bone in his eye from Pacquiao's attack, had surgery, and is now on track to fight in December. Cotto, meanwhile, last gloved up in March. He handled Ricardo Mayorga, nine months after beating Yuri Foreman to win the WBA junior middleweight crown at Yankee Stadium. He too got the short end in a fight against Pacquiao, in November 2009. Cotto beat Michael Jennings in a tuneup after the Margarito disappointment, and Joshua Clottey, before testing himself against the Congressman.

TSS Universe, most everyone is thinking that Margarito, aged 33, has lost a foot off his fastball. How do you see the 30-year-old Cotto doing in the rematch? Revenge is a dish best served cold, but we're pretty sure his pride will have him heated up come December. Weigh in with your take…

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-Radam G :

It is gonna to be another WAR! Somebody is going to look like he got hit by a car. Mythical "Plaster of Paris" will not be in play. And it was not used the last time is what I'm going to bravely say. Cotto had an excessive moving problem. He changed up his game and was quite lame. He better have it together this time, or the bout will turn out to be the same. No way should Margarito have any shame. Know nothings always need somebody and something to blame. Now everything is everything. And da suckas are going to get on their bling, bling! I'm pulling for Cotto again. But I wouldn't be surprised if he loses again. This game is the "theatre of the unexpected." Holla!

-ultimoshogun :

Another WAR indeed Radam, Cotto will fold under the pressure once again and Margarito will be vindicated of the speculations that he was loaded in their first fight.

-brownsugar :

this war is strickly for the fans... It's like an old blood fued that cuts deeply to the bone...and lingers like a veil of dispair......As the boxing world has been crying for redemption since their first meeting....... It may not be relevant to the true junior-middleweight or middleweight picture but it doesn't have to be.. I'll be there to see Cotto rip whatever's left of Margarito's heart away with a vengance.. the only thing he has to do is move laterally instead of backing up in straight lines.. he's got the boxing part covered...... Sweet Redemtion for Cotto....Fistic Judgement awaits Margarito on Dec 3rd..(we know what you did last summer). Funny thing... I heard the fight might take place at 160 for some ficticious title..(The Torquoise Belt)

-brownsugar :

Cotto will use his sound Emmanelle Stewart enhanced boxing skills,.. with a little Pre-Pac-Mosley ring generalship.'ll be a 180 degree difference than the first fight. Margarito will limp away grinning ......carrying a wheelbarrell full of cash to the bank while he and Arum chuckle over a glass of Tecante.