TUESDAY, June 28 New York City

Fans are encouraged to arrive at 11:00am ET      Hudson Theatre, Times Square

Press conference starts: 12:00 pm ET 145 West 44th Street

WEDNESDAY, June 29 Los Angeles

Fans are encouraged to arrive at 7:00pm PT         NOKIA Plaza at L.A. Live

8:00 pm PT 777 Chick Hearn Court

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-brownsugar :

Wow... I literally don't see where Mayweather found time to get back into fighting shape.... for Marquez floyd was gone 22 months and made it look like he retired like....the week before... but we knew even then by the media reports that floyd was visiting the GYM with a bagfull of gear 5 every day months before the Marquez fight... This time.. the flawless-one has been seen jetsetting around the world and sitting in the chief seats amonst the Dukes and Earls of Tinsel Town..Hobnobbing with Celebs and Music Moguls... announcing movie deals and such... How any of that prepares him for a fight of this magnitude totally mystifies me... I'll be watching with much interest....Floyd usually talks trash to hype a fight... but even within the hyperbole... he drops gems of truth if you read between the lines. Should be interesting. (he kept telling Shane "you Must make me respect you" over and over.... Shane listened and even though he had Mayweather ready to go...We still didn't see Mayweather toss any respect Shanes way)

-brownsugar :

thought I was going to have to fly all the way to LA to watch the press conference but it turns out it's going to be online live at 11:30am. Just google it... it won't be hard to find. gonna have to take my lunch a little early.