In the TV opener of HBO's Boxing After Dark show from Guadalajara, Mexico, Adrien Broner took on, and took out Jason Litzau in a fight scheduled for ten or less.

Bob Papa worked the show with Harold Lederman, who subbed in for Max Kellerman, out awaiting the birth of his second child, and Roy Jones, who got off to a rough start when he described Canelo Alvarez as “spectatcicle,” and then a Mexican version of Mike Tyson. Jones recused himself from the opener because he has a promotional interest in Litzau.

Broner (age 21; 20-0; from Ohio; No. 8 WBC) weighed 128 1/2 pounds, while Litzau (age 27; 28-2 with 21 KOs; from Minnesota; WBC No. 4) was 129 3/4 pounds.

Broner landed combos on the ropes late in the first, with a straight right,  left hook and then a right uppercut hurting the Minnesotan badly. He crumpled, and the ref leaped in, seeing he was out.  The official end came at 2:58.

This blowout does something to remove the stain on Broner's last outing, a boring win over Daniel Ponce de Leon in March. The rubout stops Litzau's streak, after having beaten Rocky Juarez in an upset and Celestino Caballero in a considerable upset.

What next for Broner? “The sky's the limit,” he said, and didn't mention any target, but did wish a happy birthday to his son, who will turn four on Tuesday.

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-Radam G :

WTF! On da "American Kid," da "Millennium CIncinnati Kid" lower da boom and put the bushwhack. Da AK wasn't a boksin' brick house. He was a pugilistic shack. He got clawed down like a cat mauling a mouse. All because of fighting da wrong game. Dat New Jack jive is lame. And like a bad habit, it will drop you from fame. But old schol is da bomb, and is always da same. To keep from gettin' knock the fudge out against those roses -- I mean ropes -- all the da American Kid needed to do was to grab and hold on like a fallin' bytch and/or take a bow on a knee -- as an old-school fighter woulda did -- or is that done[?] Old-school fighting greats like Archie "The Old Mongoose" Moore, the boxing Wiz Willie Pep and da Sugarman Ray Leonard, to name a few, were able to stop from being KTFO by taking knees and/or clinching and bytch holding/stalling. OMFG! Da great "Sweet Pete" Whitaker use to pull your darn trunks down to get on his stallin' and ballin.' And the referee was so shock and impressed, a foul he was not callin.' And yall musta' fo'got how Long, Tall Paul Williams was bytch holding and stalling so hard, that he shot-putted Kemit Cintron's arse outter dat squared jungle. As the great and powerful Genie Naazim Richardson saved Sorefoot -- I mean Sugar Shane -- Mosley from quittin,' Litzau's trainer should have screamed to da American Glass Jaw -- I mean Kid -- to take a serious knee, or to at least BYTCH BEAR HUG da double jive outta da muthasucka Broner. Hehehehehe! Biting off da spit of Uncle Roger May: "Most people don't know sh** 'bout" da old boksin' game, and da tricks of da trade dat be. Holla!

-Radam G :

Gettin dat arse stopped and popped is what happens when a muthasucka is pridefighting. A well-adapted prizefighting arsethrasher would have never been kayoed by trying to outpunch a puncher in the ropes. He would have even put his head through the ropes -- reminscent of the late, good-boxing Jimmy Young. The late guy knew every old-school trick in da game about surviving on da ropes. Litzau is a very talented, good sweet science pugilist who would benefit by gettin' an old-school boksin' guru. I'm surprised that he has yet to do it. All dat dang talent being wasted because of pride, thinking more about entertaining the fan, instead of gettin' da win and whatever else is keeping Litzau from fighting smartly and with da PRIZE first. [Pride can be second, third or somewhere downward.] Litzau's promoter Roy Jones Jr need to bring in another trainer for the kid. Holla!

-brownsugar :

Jason The "American Boy" Litzau went out on his shield wthout as much as getting enough ring time to break a was a little sad really, but who can stop the changing of the guard? He's the 2nd example of how dangerous it is to step into the ring on any given saturday nite. The first example on Friday nite.....favored middleweight Guerrero learned some hard lessons as well. After watching the fight a couple of times it was clear than Guerrero was on his way to a route. Brewer was getting close and landing a few shots here and there.... but Guerrero was getting the best of it until Brewer stopped boxing and just started winging wild haymakers from Brazil...... Brewer was reaching back so far I though his wild hooks would come back with a water bucket attatched..... Guerrerro caught a couple of hard shots while in the midst of reclining on the ropes in the peek - a -boo position(a posture that is never as safe as it looks). Victory out of nowhere for Brewer... He need not invoke the spirit of Hopkins or expound upon the virtue of experience as he was taking a sound schellacking up to that point...Guerrero looks like one of those guys who gets hurt and stays hurt a long time before he recovers...... Lucky punch for Brewer.... Talent and Focus for Broner....

-FighterforJC :

Adrian Boner. What a name.