Grady Brewer, Age 40, Takes Down Unbeaten Fernando Guerrero on FNF

LaraBrewer_Blevins20Grady Brewer struck another blow for fortysomethings when he stopped prospect/contender Fernando Guerrero in the main event of ESPN's Friday Night Fights which unfolded at the Erwin Center  in Austin, Texas.

A pile of right hands in the fourth round sent Guerrero to the mat, and he rose with 1:12 remaining. The new NABF super welterweight champion Brewer (28-12, with 16 KOs; from Lawton, Oklahoma) basted him on the ropes, and then Guerrero stumbled onto his knees, after eating a right uppercut. The ref Jon Schorle didn't like his condition, and halted the scrap at 2:16.

Guerrero (age 24; from Maryland) dropped to 21-1.

Brewer isn't quite in Bernard Hopkins territory, but still..he turns 41 in December.

Us  semi-graybeards got to soak up the glory and inspiration when and where we can.

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