TSS Universe, Where Do You Have Robert Guerrero on P4P List?

TSS U, I received this email from publicist Mario Serrano. He believes Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero is somewhat underrated, and deserves more consideration when we keyboard tappers make our pound-for-pound lists. Serrano makes some good points… and I will finish with this. The guy earns his keep, he went above and beyond lobbying for his guy.

To the Boxing Community,

In complete respect for your opinions and understanding that it must be very hard to comb through and observe all of the boxer's careers throughout the world, in all the different weight classes, I ask you to please review the stats below and give consideration to Robert Guerrero as a candidate for the Pound for Pound rankings.

Robert Guerrero…

·         Has won world titles in multiple divisions:

o        Featherweight (2)

o        Jr. Lightweight

o        Lightweight

§         Undefeated in 6 world title fights winning 4 by KO

·         Welterweight: If the Maidana fight gets made and he is

successful in beating him with the title on the line, he'll have

become a 6-time world champion in 4 different weight classes.

·         Is willing to fight all comers and the best in or around his division, never turning down a


·         Has boxed, fought inside and can be a counter puncher to win a bout.

·         Started fighting ten round bouts in his tenth pro fight.

o        In 13th pro fight beat former world champion Enrique Sanchez (30-2) who's only

losses were to world champions Marco Antonio Barrera and Nestor Garza

·         Went overseas to capture a world title:

o        Stopped Spend Abazi (35-1) via 9th round TKO in his native country (Denmark).

·         Successfully fought and won in 5 weight classes (122, 126, 130, 135, and 139).

·         Won 90% + rounds in championship fights.

·         Undefeated since 2006 riding a 13-fight winning streak, avenging his only loss by

knocking out Gamaliel Diaz in rematch (6th round KO):

o        Only the great's rematch and KO their nemesis.

·         Fought 7 current or former world champions.

·         With wife's illness, still continued to win at the top ten level:

o        Named Fighters beaten during adversity…(Martin Honorio (KO), Jason Litzau

(KO), 2-time world champion Malcolm Klassen, Olympic Gold metal winner and

3-time world champion Joel Casamayor, Olympian Vicente Escobedo, 2-time

world champion Michael Katsidis).

I greatly appreciate your time and consideration of Robert Guerrero for the Pound for Pound list as I also greatly appreciate the great support you've all shown him in the past. Thank You very much for this consideration.


Mario Serrano

Publicist ~ Team Guerrero

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brownsugar :

I hardly want to act like a sage who knows everything... cause I don't,.. I linger around the 69% range for acurracy.. Truthfully I've always thought of Guerrero as more of an aerobic engine than a boxer.. I rate him better than Chavez Jr but just like Lemieux... pounding on gloves and being busy is a highly camoflauged [sic] imitation of boxing that will eventually meet the up with truth and skill. Guerrero is still in a good place though... just sit down and learn the craft... then come back better than ever.

brownsugar :

I thought I posted on the Grady Brewer thread and my post ended up here so disregard it... I only had one shot of tequila tonight so I'm blaming the website. Anyway Robert G has done things his way... he quit on Yordan although it's hard to argue that he took the only reasonable option available....then he proceeded to take the flack like a man, he didn't bombard cyberspace with endless scripted rationalities... then he bounced back to prove that he's somewhat like Ward... not always pretty, but he knows how to win.. I respect him. and it's clear that other fighters are very wary of him. Whether it's his faith, his trials with his wifes sickness, or just the fact that he's always consistant.. Guerrerro has something special... even more special than his supurb boxing skill. Too thumbs and half a coconut for the boxer who continues to challenge himself.. and believe in his skills. A rarified fighther if I ever saw one.

ultimoshogun :

To be honest, I simply haven't seen enough of Guerrerro to form an opinion, plus I seldom partake in these P4P lists. B-sug, you don't give yourself enough credit as far as being a "sage" goes, I had no idea who Zbik or Dzinziruk (however you spell it) was until I read your scouting reports which were pretty accurate...ditto for Canelo's fight tonight, i've never seen Rhodes fight so i'm goin strictly by what i've heard you say about him... What kinda tequila you drinkin, Cuervo, Patron, Sauza, Cabo Wabo, Cazadores? To this day the smoothest tequila i've had is Don Julio...great stuff, a bit pricey though.

Radam G :

He's aight! Enough said! Holla!

brownsugar :

I appreciate you saying that RadamG... Tequila is pretty pricy,.. I'm not going to say how much I spent but it was the 100% Agave Silver Select...it cost more than I would usually spend on a fifth of any type of alchohol... for some reason tequila can cost up to $300 a bottle. I'm still looking for the one with the dead worm in bottom of the bottle.