Pirog Promoter Says DiBella Never Wanted Martinez-Pirog

get-attachment.aspxBanner Promotions President Art Pelullo said, “I understand that Sergio Martinez is going to be fighting Darren Barker on October 1. I have known Lou DiBella, Martinez’ promoter, for over 20 years and we are personal friends. I have been in the fight business for over 25 years and I know how the business works.

“The Martinez camp never spoke to me about Dmitry Pirog. Clearly, they have no interest in the fight because it is a very dangerous fight for Martinez.

“I have been trying to make the Martinez fight for over nine months. I have talked to Lou, I have talked to Kery Davis, and I sent several emails to Ross Greenburg and Kery Davis about the fight.

“Dmitry is one of the top three middleweights in the world and had a spectacular knockout victory over Danny Jacobs last July to win the WBO middleweight world title. It seems like he’s being punished for winning.

 “I have consistently told HBO over the last 11 months that Dmitry is ready, willing and  able right now to fight anybody – incuding Sergio Martinez. We are quite sincere. Dmitry wants to come to America and fight the best fighters in the world.”


-the Roast :

B-Sug, this is your boy, what do you think? I think he has had one unimpressive win since the Jacobs fight. I dont think it would be a dangerous fight for Sergio. I think it would be a boring fight for the fans. Pirog stalking, Sergio boxing, moving with hands down at the waist, YAWN, UD for Sergio.

-admin :

ight for the fans. Pirog stalking, Sergio boxing, moving with hands down at the waist, YAWN, UD for Sergio.

-brownsugar :

Nobody that matters ..... who has a name... or a belt wants any part of Sergio or Pirog. At least Pirog is actively pursuing Martinez. You don't see that everyday. Pirog does have a belt. A shame HBO won't play him..maybe Pirog should solicit Showtime's Boxing After Dark for some air-time. Where the hungry, hardcore, contenders fight with the desperation of starving lions. Maybe he could be creative and go after Pavlick or AndyLee......Hate to see such an eager, excellent prospect rotting on the vine..I guess that recent mediocre showing from the Russian highschool gymnasium was akin to a budding actress starring in a porn flick then trying to get that big "break-out" role in Hollywood. I sincerely hope that's not the case as pirog made the best of his opportunity on HBO and has been treated like a stepchild by Ross Greenburg and company ever since..(you'll never work in this town again for whooping our guy" lol)

-Radam G :

There is not a demand for this bout, and absolutely no money to be made. At Martinez's age, he better defiinitely be in full of effect of prizefighting, not pridefighting. The heck with the pride of the Russian. Martinez should just stay business until a Big money fight comes up. An oldster should not fight a high risk bout for peanuts. It is always about da honey. And no Big money, no honey. No good bread, no spread. No high finance, no romance. Yall oughta recognize. Da hurt bitnezz is about da luv. Holla!

-the Roast :

I agree with Radam. There is no demand. Pirog has not taken advantage of the big win over Jacobs. Just one fight at home in Russia. I think that Sergio has to move up to Supermiddle and fight Bute. Beat Bute and take on Super Six winner Andre Ward. That's how Martinez can make some cash before he gets out.