WOODS Mayweather To Fight Victor Ortiz On September 17

MayweatherMosley_Hogan_8TSS Universe, are you happy with Ortiz as Floyd's comeback foe? Weigh in, in the Forum. Could Ortiz do some damage against Floyd, who let's face it is no spring chicken, at age 34? (Hogan)

Welcome back, Floyd.

We've all been regaled with tales of your betting wizardry, and fascinated by your legal woes. But we're all happy to hear that you are going back to where you belong, the ring.

Mayweather, who last gloved up on May 1, 2010, against Shane Mosley, told fightfans via Twitter that he is getting back to business.

“My fans have been waiting long enough,” Mayweather Tweeted. “Floyd Mayweather vs Victor Ortiz. Sept-17 2011 for the WBC World Championship.”

Cue the applause. Ortiz is a young gun who stepped it up in his last outing, when he won a knockdown-a-thon against unbeaten Andre Berto, and snatched Berto's WBC welterweight title.

The 34-year-old Mayweather (41-0 with 25 KOs) has been picked apart, in many circles, for picking and choosing his foes with more deliberateness than some would say befits a legend. Why, people have asked, doesn't Floyd seek out the best and brightest in any and all divisions near the welterweight limit, and prove with his deeds that he is an all-time great, worthy of being lumped in with the Sugars, and The Greatest? By taking on the 24-year-old Ortiz, Floyd can spurn the argument that he cherry picks faded vets, like Shane Mosley, or Juan Manuel Marquez, who he fought while weighing in at 146 pounds, two over the contracted weight of 144 pounds or less.

Ok, OK, everyone thinks the fight that makes the most sense, that would earn the most dollars and perk up interest in circles that typically turn a blind eye to boxing, is Mayweather-Pacquiao.

But as I discussed in an article I posted on June 6, let's focus on the concrete, on the here and now. Mayweather against the 29-2-2 southpaw Ortiz is a meaningful match.

Welcome back, Floyd.

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