PREDICTION PAGE Froch, Johnson, and Kessler, Bouadla Make Weight

004IMG_9745Here's your prediction page. Please head to the Forum, and drop down a pred, people. Could the old dog, the Road Warrior, channel Bernard Hopkins, and again show the world that age is just a number? Could he, at age 42, upset Carl Froch, the cocky Brit who most of the smart crowd thinks will handle the newly trimmed down Jamaican with relative easy? Or will Froch follow the script most see playing out, by being a little quicker, a little stronger, a little fresher, than Johnson, and heading to the Super Six final against Andre Ward?

The four fighters who'll compete on SHOWTIME® tomorrow/Saturday (9 p.m. ET/PT, delayed on the West Coast) made weight Friday.

In Atlantic City, WBC super middleweight champion Carl “The Cobra'' Froch (left, in photos) tipped the scale at 167 1/2 pounds while former world titleholder Glen “The Road Warrior'' Johnson weighed 166 1/2 pounds.

Froch (27-1, 20 KOs) will defend against Johnson (51-14-2, 35 KOs) in an eagerly awaited Super Six World Boxing Classic Semifinal from Adrian Phillips Ballroom at Atlantic City’s Boardwalk Hall.

The Froch-Johnson 12-rounder will be preceded on the telecast by a scheduled 10-round bout from Denmark between ex-world champion Mikkel Kessler (43-2, 32 KOs) and world-ranked Mehdi Bouadla (23-3, 11 KOs) that will be
shown on same-day delay.

Friday in Denmark, Kessler (right, in photo) weighed in at 166.4 pounds. Bouadla weighed 166.

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-the Roast :

My prediction has been made. Froch by UD or maybe even late KO if Glenn's age catches up with him. If the Road Warrior pulls off the upset, I will bow down to amayseng and Real Talk. Over under for Rachel shots is 17 and a 1/2. The awkward speed will carry the day.

-mortcola :

I've owned the fact that Froch has improved. But let's look at the record. Froch has never beaten an experienced, seasoned fighter like Johnson. Dirrell? Slick but jittery, came apart with a lot of fouls. Abraham? One dimensional, one punch at time. Taylor? Froch was easily beaten until landing a haymaker. Pascal? Loads up, doesn't change up; far greener than he was for the Hopkins fights. Froch has never fought a guy with a fully developed two-handed pressure attack, or much experience weathering a full-scale battle. Maybe he has improved his game, and this is his true coming out party. But I say no....he gets bruised up and beaten down in a UD or late TKO.

-brownsugar :

Glen decends upon the tournament like a shark being dropped into a pond filled with farm raised salmon. Utterly fearless, not even finding it necessary expend the energy to explain why he feels that he'll emerge victorious ...."I'm Glen Johnson" is reason enough he says. Froch has never faced such a fearless opponent. Or such a capable one. But let's not forget that Johnson has lost 14 fights and is has only won about 3of his last 6 fights. Unless you're Travoris Cloud and built to go toe-to-toe, the way to beat Johnson is to get out in front and stay out in front. That's always been the bluprint and we've scene it done time and time again .....Johnson trying hard to walk a guy down...hoping he can catch up to land a show stopping right...while running into jabs and power-punches. If Froch has read the blueprint and has put in the proper back-peddling preparation he will do the same as many have also done before him...One and a Half Coconuts for Froch.

-Radam G :

What colacola -- I mean mortcola -- says is a great, great possibility. Hehehehe! Don't be shock to see that he may just be right on. Besides, at 33 years old Froch is already a bit long-in-da tooth. But da West Indies' "Road Warrior" has genes that has made he -- I mean him -- age differently, a lot slower than the across-the-pond ego-maniac. Just look at a lot of those aged [Jamaican] Cubans and [Jamaican] Canadians, who come to the game and fib about their ages, and put dat syet back a few moons. Those in da know know what time it is. Matter of fact, everybodeee and dey momma oughta know. Glen Johnson has simply told the truth about his age from the jump. His chances are kayoing Froch are immense. Holla!

-ali :

A tough one to call but im going to say Froch....Alot of people bring up his fight with Taylor and forget about his win over Pascal....So he hasn't just laid an egg in big fights and even though he was losing his fight with Taylor he found a way to pull out a win....I think Froch youth and good chin is going to be the main reason he moves on to the finals to face Ward.

-Radam G :

Youth in comparsion to the birth age of da "Road Warrior." Thirty-three years old ain't youth in boksing. I am not convinced that Froch will not flopped and eventually get stopped. Maybe dude oughta drink some peepee and eat some raw quail eggs, i.e., JM Marquez. Froch is going to need every muscle in his body to keep GJ at bay. And I know that da Road Warrior has been singing away at "Da dock of da bay." Hehehehe! Don't be shock to see he [sic] do a job on the bloke from across da pond. Holla!