Tommy Morrison Says He Does Not Have HIV, Wants To Fight

Tommy MorrisonPRESS RELEASE: The past 15 years have been difficult for former heavyweight boxing champion Tommy “The Duke” Morrison. Once on top of the world, he was allegedly diagnosed with the HIV “hypothesis” in 1996 and barred from the sport he loves. The only problem is that a decade and a half later, Tommy is not sick, has not succumbed to HIV and not succumbed to AIDS, has not taken medication, and cannot get a straight answer from anyone regarding his current status or his 1996 test results.

After several years away from the ring, Morrison began an improbable comeback in 2007 .Questions swirled; Was it a false positive in 1996? Did Tommy ever truly have HIV? How reliable are the two tests required by the Boxing Commissions which hold disclaimers by their manufacturers confirming they do not detect any such HIV invention? What do we really know about HIV?

Those questions all seem rather reasonable coming from an athlete who had his life and lively hood stripped from him.

Anyone given a death sentence should be entitled to both scientific and medical answers to their concerns.

Unfortunately, Tommy has had a tough time receiving any information or assistance from the boxing community or the individual responsible for “inventing” HIV by the name of Robert Gallo.

Morrison has been able to fight sporadically since the comeback began in 2007. For a fighter written off years ago and expected to die by the time he got to his car and was told to “get his house in order”, he has done rather well.

In February of 2007 he defeated John Castle by 2nd round TKO in West Virginia. He followed that up with a June of 2007 MMA victory over Matt Stover in Arizona, and a September of 2008 3rd round TKO of Matt Weisharr in Mexico. His last professional appearance to date is a 1st round KO of Corey Williams in a Muai Thai matchup in Wyoming. Those victories put Morrison professional record of 48-3-1, 42 KO’s (Boxing), 1-0 (MMA) and 1-0 (Muay Thai).

If you include his post diagnosis 1st round TKO over Marcus Rhode in Tokyo in November of 1996, that makes his overall fight record 5-0 since that dreadful day in February of 1996.

Supporters of Morrison are quick to point out that those five opponents are all currently in good health. None contracted HIV in the ring from Morrison, and the reason in Morrison’s mind is clear and plain and simple, he does not believe and has not received confirmation that he has a contagious virus, and has unsuccessfully reached out to The Nevada Boxing Commission and the A.B.C and Robert Gallo, for explanation and guidance of his situation.

Now 42 years old, Morrison is determined more than ever to get back into the ring. He has seen several opportunities come and go over the years, due to skepticism over his health status. Most recently, his fight in Montreal on February 25th, 2011 was cancelled, once again dealing the Duke a horrible setback. In numerous interviews with the media Morrison has openly stated that he has been ready to take a supervised blood test in front of the world that will detect the presence or absence of a contagious active HIV virus in his human body.

Oddly enough though, obtaining such a test has been impossible thus far despite numerous requests to the FDA, CDC, A.B.C, Boxing Commissions ,Quest Labs and the “inventor” himself Robert Gallo.

Current standard HIV tests used are called the Elisa and Western Blot. (The Western Blot is no longer used in the U.K.) The serious problem according to Morrison and many in the medical community and the manufacturers from the pharmaceutical companies themselves, is that both of these tests do not detect the presence of an active contagious virus in the human body but do detect numerous conditions not affiliated with an HIV virus- in fact they detect up to 80 other non contagious ailments.

Morrison’s quest as of late has been to obtain a test that will detect the absence or presence of an active contagious HIV virus itself and to obtain the actual results of his 1996 test. Both goals would seem simple, but yet he has been road blocked on all fronts.

A short time ago, Morrison actually offered his WBO heavyweight belt, won by beating the legendary George Foreman, as a reward to anyone who could provide him with an actual HIV virus test. To date, no one has been able to complete the task and claim the coveted prize. Morrison and his fans worldwide have even reached out to Robert Gallo and his staff for answers and guidance in finding such a test, also with no results. Everyone seems content to simply point to the Nevada Athletic Commission’s “verbal” test results from 1996 as ironclad evidence of being contagious in the ring. The only problem is that no one is able to produce the actual hardcopy results, the type of test used and their disclaimers, or which doctor made the alleged “diagnosis”.

Apparently APL laboratories in Las Vegas (now Quest) performed the test and forwarded the results to the Nevada Commission -and yet the Nevada Commission denies ever having received the results. When he began his comeback in 2007, a story was printed by USA Today which was then picked up globally by the media, stating:

Margaret Goodman, chair of the Nevada commission's medical advisory board, was prompted to check on Morrison's status after learning about his comeback. She said she contacted John Hiatt at the diagnostics clinic where Morrison was tested in 1996.
“At my request, Dr. Hiatt reviewed the archived results yet again,” Goodman said. “He says they (the positive results) are ironclad and unequivocal.”
Morrison contends that he's been trying to get a copy of the original test results for the past 15 months.
“We've asked, but they can't come up with it,” he said. “I don't think it ever existed.”
Goodman said that's nonsense: “All Mr. Morrison has to do is contact the laboratory, and they would immediately release the results to him.”

This is an odd statement considering that from 2007 until the present day, Morrison has requested the original test results and information from both the lab and the Commission, and his ongoing questions are yet to be answered. Morrison recently reached out to Quest Diagnostic Incorporated’s Counsel Faye Caldwell in 2011 for clarification on these comments made by Margaret Goodman and John Hiatt. Faye Caldwell responses in 2011 included:

“with regard to the statements ascribed to Margaret Goodman, relating to Dr. Hiatt, in the article “Morrison fights claims of recent positive HIV test” published in the online edition of the USA Today on June 22, 2007, Margaret Goodman contacted Dr. Hiatt regarding laboratory procedures for HIV testing.  Dr. Hiatt did not have a copy of your test results and did not provide any comments specifically related to your test results.  Rather, Dr. Hiatt explained the procedures of ELISA screening and Western Blot testing used to detect HIV antibodies.”

The average man would certainly be confused by these conflicting statements especially as Margaret Goodman went public in the media with her statements and especially as Margaret Goodman was not his official doctor and violating the strict HIPPAA Laws and the A.B.C protocol.

One would assume that medical records of such a high profile magnitude would have been better safeguarded and documented. According to Morrison, “It is not good to be labeled as someone that may or may not be infected with the HIV VIRUS without 100% scientific proof -it has harmed my reputation and my career.”

I personally met up with Tommy Morrison in February of 2011 in Montreal and I admit I too would be afraid to enter the ring with him, not for fear of contracting a virus, but for fear of his sinister left hook. He looked to be in good shape for a man given a death sentence 15 years ago, and was ready to do battle until his bout was cancelled and he was replaced by the very boxer he fought in the ring and beat only three years prior.

Once and for all, Robert Gallo, the Nevada Commission and the A.B.C need to get on the same page and agree to sit down with Morrison, and get to the bottom of things.

Until this happens, the circus atmosphere will continue and too many questions will remain unanswered.

It really is time to get to the bottom of this issue once and for all by providing Morrison and his camp with scientific proof of such a virus and an explanation as to why the A.B.C and the Boxing Commissions are requiring tests of which the test manufacturers are claiming do not detect HIV infection.

Copies of emails to the FDA/CDC/ABC/Nevada Athletic Commission/Montreal Commission/WA State Commission/Tim Lueckenhoff/Greg Sirb/Robert Gallo and Quest Labs can be obtained directly from Tommy Morrison :

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-Radam G :

Now everybodee and dey momma oughta tell this nephew of the late, great John Wayne to "just take the test." Now if Tommy boy is got this deadly virus streaming through his body, he is a danger. Enough said. Holla!

-brownsugar :

People all over the world are living longer and much more healthier lives with HIV than they did when Rock Hudson was diagnosed.......Magic Johnson doesn't even test positive anymore. He has enough cash to change his entire blood supply when necessary and can afford the most advanced treatment money can buy. Having a positive attitude doesn't hurt either as most of the early of those who contractedHIV died of shame, embarrassment, hopelessness and guilt as much they did from the dreaded so-called Gay Man's Disease itself.

-undisputed34 :

i wonder if some mixture of the steroids and drugs he was taking (allegedly) could have caused a false positive? why not just go to some well known clinic or respected and renowned doctor and take another test? or even another 20 tests? i think there may be more to this than is being released to the public on both sides..

-simon riley :

Here is the deal plain and simple. See rich people, celebrities and what not who contract HIV have a choice that others don't... take protocol treatment or pay the man for the cure and sign a non disclosure release that keeps you from blabbing about the cure that "doesn't exist ". So he did but, with him being cleared to box again it poses a threat to the obvious. People can't deny the cure exists if he is given a negative test result which is why he is having trouble with getting a confirmed test result from , oh I don't know.... THE CDC! IT WOULD BE MASS HYSTERIA if it was confirmed he is HIV negative! Remember people we are capitalists and this is a drug company conspiracy at it's finest. See magic plays nice and goes on TV claims he is still HIV positive and he just takes his meds and all is fine. Sure the HIV cocktail meds have come a long way but, the average Joe would have been dead by now. Trust me Magic and Tommy the Duke are both HIV negative and healthy and Tommy D. wants his career back but can't just come out and say the truth who knows what accident might await him if he were to do that. So for damage control the boxing commission is playing the we could have been wrong with the initial 1996 tests with a false positive but, funny they just can't find those damn lab results. Hmmm.... You think a man at his prime in 1996 as a boxing heavyweight champion would settle for just 1 or 2 tests? No way!! He took that test a reported 9-15 times with all positive results at the time in 1996 out of pure denial. You think his denial of a career ending death sentence would let him or anyone else in that situation do it any different ... I think not. People come on open your eyes!! The media is controlled and censored especially to something as controversial as this. Think about it for a second. I wouldn't be surprised if Tommy ends up in a ditch somewhere or worse just disappeared and blamed as a drug problem or substance abuse overdose. I think he is a liability in their eyes right now. THINK.....!!!!

-FighterforJC :

I absolutely agree with Simon Riley. 10000%. HIV and many forms of cancer are created by the powers that be who are marxists and believe in population control. Mammograms cause cancer and people are different, some women will not be affected by it but for other women, a mammogram is the catalyst for breast cancer. Remember, the healthcare industry thrives on SICK people, not healthy people. We are brainwashed at a very young age that: 1) We are not healthy unless the doctor says we are, and if he does say that we're healthy, come back after six months to be sure you're still healthy, and then come back after another six months, and another, and another 2) The first symptom of any terminal illness is no symptom. If you have no symptom, you better make sure you're not dying. 3) Remember, you're not as healthy as you think you are and there's always this nasty disease living inside of you that simply has not manifested itself. By the time it does, it will be too late. Bow down to the altar of the healthcare industry before it's too late!

-Radam G :

Wow! Conspiracies are everywhere. But HIV is in Tommy. Nonetheless, no boxer will be affected as long as Tommy takes his meds, according to the HIV experts. A lot of advancements have been made in controlling and neuralizing HIV. And with that said, I think that Tommy should be allowed to fight any pugilist who is willing to tangle with him. Holla!

-simon riley :

@Radam G ... Come on guy really? Controlling HIV is one thing. But, you need to do some research before you write something as ridiculous as that. First of all HIV is contagious to whom ever no matter what drug your taking! There is no drug that keeps you from spreading HIV if your blood comes in contact with another persons (such as in a boxing match). HIV stays HIV until your T cells drop below a certain amount then.... you have full blown AIDS. The drugs just slow down the process. I don't know where you get your information from but it's wrong trust me. Tommy Morrison would NEVER be allowed to get back in that ring if he was positive. Let alone who would want too? Bottom line it's about money and what infected people are willing to spend. HIV doesn't simply vanish for no reason. It just seems a hell of a coincidence that the two biggest names with HIV that were diagnosed more than a decade ago are still alive and one of them is admitting he is no longer HIV positive (because he wants to box again). Now you tell me why would Quest diagnostics, The CDC, and the list goes on won't give Tommy public test results? It's not hard to get an anonymous HIV test which is what Tommy has been doing with all results negative. I'm 31 and Magic Johnson looks healthier than I am. Drug companies make BILLIONS why does that seem so far fetched to you that they would sit on this for a while and make bank before going public with the cure?

-Radam G :

Wow! Simon riley, "write something as ridiculous" shows that you're bluffing, not in the know and a hothead on the slow to know. Fly away and try that rhetoric and bonehead jive with somebody else. I'm an egghead in da know. You apparently missed the HIV talk on world television news a few day ago when school official and quacks who think and bluff like you were trying to stop a student from attending a top-of-the-line boarding school. Follow the scientific paper trail on HIV before you come after somebody who knows, instead of faking sh*t and putting on a rhetorical charade. You're a typical cyberspace clutter wolf slow on da draw. Just huff and puff and blow down your house of straw. I happened to know Magic Johnson and Tommy Morrison. And they know me, TOO! And I know tons of the HIV researchers. What in the fudge do you think that Magic Johnson is doing? He is CONTROLLING HIV with and by taking his medications. The scientific paper trail is CLEAR. "If one is on his medication and has unprotected sex, he/she has a very, very small chance of affecting another person." Look it up. And shut da double fudge UP! You don't know me and don't know syet, but how to cyberspace BLUFF, huff and buff! Holla!

-simon riley :

Wow Really ? I'm bluffing and you personally know Tommy Morrison and Magic Johnson.... right? Radam g you got more tales than Walt Disney. Sorry I must of forgotten who I was talking too Kat Daddi. Look this isn't a poet slam and you don't know what your talking about. The only one bluffing is you. Your telling me HIV ... WHICH IS A VIRUS btw, is not contagious supposedly because of medication that is designed to slow it down and not cure it. Right.... Maybe you should look at the fact tables of the progression of the HIV virus in the past 20 years. Magic's wife is not infected because neither is Magic anymore. I've been researching this for quite some time now. Why would Tommy Morrison claim he is HIV negative then? Is he bluffing too? While your at it explain to me why Tommy Morrison can't get a "Supervised HIV test". I'll save you the time it's because he is not HIV positive that's why. If he were to come back to boxing there would be an uproar in the media which is why he is being ignored and asking for help from his fans. Considering the status of the Heavyweight division right now he would probably clean up regardless of his age. A bunch of fat overweight bums claiming to be boxers with the stamina of Butterbean. You can deny it but you know I'm right. Of course you won't admit it because a conspiracy these days is so far fetched right...

-Radam G :

Go and play imagery games with your cojones, uneducated joker! A typical dimwit/slowwit thinks that because he doesn't know syet and anybody, everybody else is like him. Sucka, you ain't in demand. Go somewhere else and grandstand. You are just the wannabe leader of a whacked-out ____band. Down your throat pour some hot sand. Stalk some other reader, _____! You are on my IGNORE LIST! I just LUV this new Universe and how one can put a psycho on Get-da-F__K-outta-my-face IGNORE! Holla!

-simon riley :

Now everybodee and dey momma oughta tell this nephew of the late, great John Wayne to "just take the test." Now if Tommy boy is got this deadly virus streaming through his body, he is a danger. Enough said. Holla!
Apparently Radam G doesn't read before he writes. See Tommy boy is trying to "just take the test" and go public with his results which is the main issue because know one will do it. Don't we feel slow...

-simon riley :

Go and play imagery games with your cojones, uneducated joker! A typical dimwit/slowwit thinks that because he doesn't know syet and anybody, everybody else is like him. Sucka, you ain't in demand. Go somewhere else and grandstand. You are just the wannabe leader of a whacked-out ____band. Down your throat pour some hot sand. Stalk some other reader, _____! You are on my IGNORE LIST! I just LUV this new Universe and how one can put a psycho on Get-da-F__K-outta-my-face IGNORE! Holla!
Seriously, this guy has issues... nuff said HOLLA!

-Radam G :

WRONG, AGAIN! Taking test after test will just prove that he has it. He doesn't need to lie and pretend. Several athletes and other professionals are now performing in their field without the bothersome arsehole bigots like out-of-his-class n__wit. Besides, Tommy has had plenty of opportunites to take the test. Holla

-Radam G :

Tommy is a BIG danger if he is not taking his medication and is in denial about having HIV! Dat jive without taking the meds is indeed DANGEROUS. Holla!

-simon riley :

Then why won't they give Tommy a supervised test then? The fact is he has taken plenty of HIV tests all with the negative results. If everyone is so sure he has HIV then it should be no problem to give him a test then right? But, they won't which is why he offered the belt he won for beating George Foreman for anyone that will give him public results. I don't understand where your getting your information from?

-simon riley :

@ Radam G you seem to be a "little" angry. Your going all def poet because someone disagrees with you? Seriously, calm down. Your taking this a little too personal. Speaking of meds did you take yours?

-simon riley :

@ Radam G -Look let's just agree to disagree. I've got better things to do then converse with someone of your intellect. Let's just ignore each other and do us both a favor. Thanks HOLLA!

-Radam G :

I LUV to make peabrain ___ --trying to get his 15-minutes of TSSU fame by stalking me -- DISAPPEAR! It took him a while to compute. Holla!

-the Roast :

Radam, Simon, are you guys fighting over a six month old article? Stop it. Simon, I recently played poker with Radam, Magic, Tommy Morrison, Matt Damon, Tobey McGuire, Lady GaGa, and Maria Sharapova. Take my word for it, RG is legit.

-simon riley :

Right....? I'm sure Radam is legit as they come. Oh, and btw this is the last time I'm gonna respond to this forum me and Barack Obama are going to play a relaxing 18 holes. Been a stressful week ya know? Oh and facebook poker doesn't count. Unbelievable, the lengths people will go to win an argument. Again, for the last time "RG" this isn't a pissing contest. If you can't discuss a disagreement without making an argument then maybe forums ain't your thing. Oh and the Obama thing is a joke..... or maybe I'll have a friend log in and confirm we play xbox together. Seriously grow up people. What a waste of what could of been an interesting discussion.

-Radam G :

Simon, I'm reminded of "Simon said!" Hehehehehehe! But not Simon is MAD as syet. Wow! You ____ ____ _____! Anger sits in the bossum of a fool. Or do you just have manbreast? Do everyone a favorite and suck one of 'em. You are one bluffin,' huffin,' buffin' piece of work. And you can never out "piss" me. You don't have a clue. Or maybe you are the all seeing and knowing of everything under da sun, or is it a sun in cyberspace? Or are you just having a bad-blues Christmas season. It will be all right. The fat man in red will bring you some toys to play with. Just tell him that you have been a good lad. NYET! Sucka, I don't know why you are so mad. It is all right to be wrong and not in da know. But yo' a$$, you don't have to show. Sorry bloke! I didn't mean to make you choke! You can discuss anything with your's truly, but don't put me in the catagory of not knowing syet and/or nobody, because you are posting like those shoes fit your big-footed arse. BTW! I hope I ain't spittin' with da cyberspace Big Foot! Hehehehehe! I'm just one high-strung muthasucka! NOT an angry, jive-time pucka! Your bell, I apparently rung [sic]. And now up, you want me strung. But it will be all right! Can you fight? Don't be a playa hater. You are just not a good in da know debater. It is not all bad being slow on da draw. But don't sink to a man of straw. Just KNOW, before you GO! Loosen up, bro! You are going to pop a blood vessel straight up inside of one of your eyeballs. Then I'll feel bad, and to your arse will be making mucho apologetic calls. WHAT! WHAT! So you don't like my poetry. But call it a slam. I'm just gettin' on my being a ham. Hehehehehe! Holla!

-Radam G :

OOPS! Simon says to "CHILLAX!" Simon Riley, I have a cousin name "Riley." And you cats be stressing to da max. Don't lose your cool! On yourself just lay some righteous school. In this forum, you are not going to cure HIV. So quit blowing your top, as if you are the age of three. Hehehehehehe! Newbie!!! Holla!