He wanted to go out on the stool. He wanted to pull a no mas. Shane Mosley, seeing things he hadn't seen before, his body unwilling to cooperate as never before, told his trainer Naazim Richardson after round ten that he wanted out against Manny Pacquiao during their May 8th clash in Las Vegas.

“You've got to stop the fight,” the 39 year old said, in a heretofore unseen bit of video provided by Showtime, which will run the Fight Camp 360 final episode in its entirety on Saturday at 8:45 PM ET, before their night of fights.

“Settle down,” his trainer told him. “It's in you for real.”

It wasn't actually. But Richardson convinced him to stick around, and see the final bell. Right move? Wrong move? Weigh in, in the Forum with yout three cents…

Here's the video snippet: https://mail.google.com/mail/?hl=en&shva=1#inbox/1304d49feb9586d6

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-Radam G :

Danggit! The ole, wise Genie Naazim was gettin' on his magic again and stoppin' a punked-out tragic. I'm glad that the truth and the whole truth is out. Sugar Shane was fudgin' drowning without gettin' wet. And he still ain't gonna retire yet. But for the record: that is how great trainers are. They make you keep going when you want to quit. Long live da great-and-powerful GENIE. Holla!

-amayseng :

hmm...this makes me very upset as i got my cable bill yesterday with the $54.99 for mosley to run and not engage after round 3. whats sad is that one, shane wanted to quit due to a blister, and two, nazim had a great strategy for pac....strong quick jab, moving back and setting up the right hand.... sad... worse, im stuck with the bill

-brownsugar :

Radam is correct. A trainers job is to keep his man going even if his fighter doesn't, think he can do it. This wasn't a case of abuse or neglect. Margaritos' corner was guilty of that crime. Nazim was just doing his job. That's why boxing matches have 2 or 3 guys working like a NASCAR PITT crew to keep their man in the contest. I mean.... who ever says.."So you wanna give give up, well hurry up...Maybe we can catch the next episode of Judge Judy".

-the Roast :

I agree with RG and B-Sug. Besides, If Shane really wanted to quit all he had to do is stand up and tell the ref "I'm done,fights over", wave his glove back and forth or something. When the next bell rung just stay seated. It's been done before. We've all seen it. Just look at any number of Andrew Golota fights.

-the Roast :

Maria gets the banana for going down at the French. Just two more wins from the career slam. Damn.

-the Roast :

Speaking of quiters, I wonder what happened to Isaiah? I haven't read any Kenducky Fraud Mayrunner comments for a long time. I hope he didn't have an unfortunate farming accident in Indiana.

-brownsugar :

When I think of Isaiah I think of that commune out west that got burn out by the ATF Squad. He'll be back I can hear the chanting of polygomists while they load up their bomb making materials already.

-Radam G :

You dudes are crazy! Hehehehehe! But the I Man is surely going to come back torching and scorching Money May like a muthasucka. Enough said! Holla!

-MisterLee :

We should also partially blame Pac for not knowing how to cut off the ring, or attack someone who is circling away from his left hand. Just sayin'... not a hater, just a contemplater... fo' sho!

-Radam G :

Okay! Maybe the blame is accepted because Da Manny had an injured leg, but the Sugarman knew what time it was. We always expect "a contemplater." Hehehehe! But I'm reminded of how we Pinoys have always rolled. That's how we took down the Buffalo soldiers way back in da day. They came acting all bad, stompin' into da Pinoys' jungles of Mindanao, Bohol, Samar, Leyte, Tawi-Tawi and Palawan. But our brave warriors put it on 'em. The B soldiers got blisters on their feet and arses and a lot of snake, killer ants and spider monkey bites on their arms and legs. Da suckas quit combatting like muthacowards and start running like scared ponies, just like Shane did. Matter of fact, the B soldiers were out running their ponies. The P warriors couldn't catch their fleeing arses. Da B soldiers were also hallucinating that da brave P warriors were on "A-side Meth" and walkin' through bullets and syet, and choppin' up B soldiers' arses with bolo punches and knifes. Hehehehehe! In da infamous words of Uncle Roger May, "Bullets were bouching off dey [P warriors] a$$ [sic]." WTF! Da Buffalo soldiers -- like Sugar Sore-foot -- I mean Shane -- Mosley just had on tight boots. The heat of da P jungles shrunk the combat boots of the B soldiers, just as the heat of the squared jungle shrunk Sore-foot Mosley's boxing boots. The great and powerful Genie Naazim didn't have an antidote for shrunken boots or shoes. And the best way to beat a "fast, slick-fighting" Urbanite is to make him move his arse fastly on tight shoes. Dude's dawgs will be barkin' like muthapuppies Brothas will surrender in a New York minute when shrunken "tight-a$$" boots start causing blisters, hurting the big toe and aggavating corns. I'm an expert on dat jive. Hehehehehe! Yall don't kno' nuffin' 'bout me. Drew "Bundini" Brown taught me about brothas' feet in tight-a$$ shoes back in da day, hehehehe! He said that he'd always make sure that GOAT Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Robinson had on boxing boots a size too big, because of foot swelling and shoe shrinkage while in dat "hot-a$$ squared jungle." Most people don't know sh** about boksing, or sh** about sh**! And I ain't gonna school ya' on dat on a Sunday in da USA. Holla!