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He wanted to go out on the stool. He wanted to pull a no mas. Shane Mosley, seeing things he hadn't seen before, his body unwilling to cooperate as never before, told his trainer Naazim Richardson after round ten that he wanted out against Manny Pacquiao during their May 8th clash in Las Vegas.

“You've got to stop the fight,” the 39 year old said, in a heretofore unseen bit of video provided by Showtime, which will run the Fight Camp 360 final episode in its entirety on Saturday at 8:45 PM ET, before their night of fights.

“Settle down,” his trainer told him. “It's in you for real.”

It wasn't actually. But Richardson convinced him to stick around, and see the final bell. Right move? Wrong move? Weigh in, in the Forum with yout three cents…

Here's the video snippet:

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